666th Devil Dogs

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666th Devil Dogs
Leader Evilpig
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region North America
Server Connery
Tags/Abbreviations 666th, 666DD, Devil Dogs
Website planetside-devildogs.com

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Stats 666th Devil Dogs Stats

Founded in 2003, the 666th Devil Dogs have traditionally focused on strength through the specific application of massive and overwhelming force. Built on a philosophy of promoting a fun and friendly gaming environment for its members, the 666th supported over 1400 members on its roster during the peak of PlanetSide's popularity. With such a strong presence—as well as an Operations Commander online 24/7 to help direct its numbers—operations ran around the clock, earning the begrudging respect of enemy Vanu and Terran from every timezone.

The effectiveness of the 666th stems from its highly coordinated and mobile array of combined arms forces. Having written the proverbial book on larger outfits mobilizing and carrying out viable offensives, the outfit conducts full-scale operations on a weekly basis, as well as frequently hosts special events. The 666th's innovative and legendary "MAX Crash Team", brainchild of the outfit's leadership, has been so effective that its tactics were adopted by the PlanetSide community, and continues to be used to this day.

The 666th Devil Dogs play to win. They have had the most members, the most outfit points, the most combined kills, and the most bases captured out of any PlanetSide outfit. Regardless of server. Regardless of faction.


[edit] History

During the original PlanetSide beta, Evilpig recognized the potential that the title had to offer the gaming community. Since he wanted to be part of a large, well-run group that promoted a culture of fun, he decided the best way to ensure this was to form his own outfit. Along with Cogburn, Evilpig got the show going, and by the end of beta their startup outfit had over 600 active members. Needless to say, at launch, they hit the ground running and rolling.

The 666th have also always been involved with the developers of the game, as we offer our services to help with any projects. The 666th provided man-power to film The Bending and Aftershock trailers for PlanetSide, as well as contributing to several other notable events.

For their contributions to the PlanetSide community, the 666th were awarded their own self-designed in-game Merit Commendation by Victor "Sporkfire" Wachter, PlanetSide's Community Relations Manager. Additionally, Evilpig has also been personally recognized for his contributions to PlanetSide, and was named an SOE Player of the Year in 2007. Later in May 2012, he was aslo awarded SOE Player of the Month.

[edit] Gamespot Review

666th Devil Dog Gamespotting Feature

The 666th Devil Dogs outfit fell onto the radar of Gamespot.com and was featured on their webshow, Gamespotting. This feature gave a bump to the already existing 1400 members as well as promoted the game itself.

[edit] PlanetSide 2

In the months preceding PlanetSide 2 beta testing, the 666th began active recruitment, growing from several dozen members to over a thousand by the official launch in November 2012. In the final days of beta, the outfit was capable of fielding company-strength operations and significantly impacting the courses of the battles joined.

The 666th plans to continue making history throughout PlanetSide 2, and is always looking for new soldiers to join the cause.

[edit] Outfit Structure

The 666th Devil Dogs offers our members the experience of being a part of a significant combined arms effort. We organize into divisions, such as infantry, armor, and air, and coordinate those forces to achieve our objectives. We instill and reinforce communication and problem-solving skills in our members so that they'll be able to quickly and consistently adapt to the ever-changing battlefield conditions. Drawing influence and inspiration from real-world military strategists and tacticians, and adapting their principles to the PlanetSide environment, we make a serious threat to the enemy while enjoying the game for what it is.

[edit] Armor Team

The unbreakable steel backbone of the Devil Dogs, the Armor Team is capable of rolling columns of mobile devastation through enemy lines. Disciplined, versed in traditional mechanized warfare, and backed by the indisputable supremacy of the New Conglomerate Vanguard, our tanks shake the souls of our enemies as well as the ground they stand on. The enemy dreads our treads.

[edit] Air Wing

Bombing strongholds, reconnoitering in enemy territory, providing close air support (CAS) to ground forces, or downing equally cocky and less skilled enemy pilots; these are just a few of the things members of the Air Wing do. With tactics based upon years of online team play, a sound understanding of the importance of teamwork, the pilots of the 666th are something fierce.

[edit] Shadow Team

Members of the Shadow Team are renowned for their stealth, sowing confusion among enemy ranks as they slip through hostile territory. Whether it be the coolly impersonal sniper shot from who the hell knows where that takes the Terran engineer in the eye, or the knife that suddenly and inexplicably appears between the Vanu medic's shoulder blades, the Shadow Team will have the enemy constantly on their toes... for all the good that will do them.

[edit] Hammer Team

The infantry-based Hammer squads are the boots-on-ground that handle the dirty work of assaults. Hammer squads maintain a balanced composition capable of countering most hostile forces. In those occasions of imparity where skill alone can't compensate, soldiers in the Hammer squads are trained to quickly shift roles. By this philosophy of flexibility, or simply FLEX, our squads are able to overcome insurmountable odds.

In addition to the ground-based Hammer Squads, the platoons are augmented by the mobile infantry squads (affectionately dubbed "Stitch"). Stitch's role is to be the ever-ready force that can show up anywhere at a moment's notice. Whether it be to take an outlying capture point, counter an unexpected hostile surge, or be the proverbial straw to break the enemy's lines, Stitch picks up the scraps and forcing them back down the throats of their enemies.

[edit] Rapid Response Team

An expert in short-notice combat deployments, the RRT Division is a rapidly deployable strike force. RRT utilizes specialized skills that enable it to engage in a variety of missions that include single objective operations, enemy seek & destroy missions, key objective defense and support of Hammer, Armor, and Air. RRT specializes in any mission requiring a cohesive, competent, disciplined, playstyle to ensure the precise application of combat power.

[edit] MAX Crash Team (MCT)

Innovated by the leadership of the 666th during the original Planetside, the MAX Crash Team goes where the tanks can't, performing forced entries on bases and towers, and then overwhelming the enemy's interior choke points. Using their hardiness and sheer firepower, they break through infantry lines to capture a specific objective.

While not an active division of its own, the tactics of Max Crash are still part of the FLEX philosophy and are part of Hammer Team's repertoire.

[edit] Rank Structure

Due to the indeterminate nature of PlanetSide 2's gameplay at this time, command structure has been postponed until an intelligent assessment can be made based upon information gathered in beta.

[edit] Code of Conduct

As Devil Dogs, we share the nickname of the United States Marine Corps. We expect all members to uphold the honor that our name carries. Below is a list of requirements, expectations and some standard operating procedures that will facilitate our ability to function as a cohesive combat force.

  1. Be civil and show respect to all players, whether they be friend or foe.
  2. Any disagreements should be kept from public channels and resolved in a mature manner through private /tells. We understand that this is an intense game, and all players are human, but when an argument happens ... let it go.
  3. Absolutely NO intentional killing of ANYONE in the New Conglomerate. If you are killed (intentionally or not) by another NC player, DO NOT retaliate. Retaliation only perpetuates TK'ing and makes you and the 666th look bad. Other players observing may not have seen the events preceding and will ONLY see you killing a team mate. This effects the perception of the entire outfit so save the bullets for the Terrans and Vanu.
  4. If you accidentally kill someone by running them over, shooting them, or catching them in an explosion etc... APOLOGIZE (by typing V, V, S or better yet /tell them you are sorry). This will alleviate many problems. If you find yourself causing friendly-fire incidents often, please BE MORE CAREFUL. If you can't drive without running people over, you don't belong behind the wheel. If you can't use grenades or rockets without killing friendly troops, you need to learn how to use those weapons properly.
  5. Joining a squad is not mandatory, but if you do elect to be in a squad, obey your squad leader's orders as well as orders your receive from outfit commanders. The PlanetSide experience is best when we are functioning as a coordinated, cohesive force. Following orders is one of the many challenges of being in a squad. Orders are not issued because we want to tell people what to do, they are given so that the overall objectives are achieved and so that we can succeed as an outfit, and ultimately, an empire. Accept the challenges of the role you play, and do your best to follow orders. If you cannot fulfill your orders or do not agree with them, send your squad leader a /tell. Do not be insubordinate in public. Always keep in mind that commanders put a lot of effort into monitoring "the big picture". Even tasks which may seem hopeless or unwinable to the individual do contribute to the greater good by drawing enemy assets off of another target.

Violations of the CoC will result in a warning. Repeated violations will result in further consequences such as suspension and banning.

Please report any violations to Devil Dog Commanders.

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