Patch (2013/03/27)

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Players may note the following changes:

  • The deconstruct button has been removed from the vehicle info panel on the HUD
  • Vehicle kill assist XP values adjusted to appropriately scale with the recent XP bump for destroying a vehicle
  • The NS-11C has been added to the Depot for all Empires
  • Adjustments have been made to the Lancer VS22:
    • Damage falloff now starts at 500m and ends at 700m.
    • Projectile speed now changes based on charge level. Level 1 = 600 m/s. Level 2 = 700 m/s. Level 3 = 800 m/s.
    • Fire delay removed from ALL charge levels.
    • Now takes 1.5 seconds to reach charge level 2 (used to be 2 seconds). Level 3 remains at 3 seconds. You can now hold the charge for 5 full seconds before it will auto-fire (up from 4).
    • The charge animation on the reticle is now more precise/accurate
  • Adjustments have been made to the NC15 Phoenix:
    • Should now do more damage against air targets (same damage as default launcher)
    • Reduced reload time by 5700 ms, down to 5200 MS.
    • Fixed a projectile speed irregularity, this was causing the rocket to go much further than it should have before the player gained control of it. (Related to latency)
    • Reduced phoenix speed by 10 kph (~2.7 m/sec)
    • Adjusted the camera to be more in line with the collision model of the rocket
  • Air to Air lock on tones should now be working correctly for all empires
  • Server performance improvements
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