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The New Conglomerate (commonly abbreviated NC) is one of three empires vying for control over the planet Auraxis. They are characterized by hard-hitting weapons and heavily-armored vehicles. Their faction colors are blue and yellow.


[edit] Origins

The New Conglomerate was initially formed on Earth, over a century before the wormhole collapse as a mega-collective of civilian corporations who worked alongside the Terran Republic government on virtually every project throughout the solar system. After arriving on Auraxis, the New Conglomerate continued to work along with the Terran Republic on shaping and building up the new world. Over decades, tensions grew because of the rules the Republic enforced and the remaining corporations of the N.C. began rallying rebel groups on the fringe of the civilian population and began organizing a campaign of insurgency. It was then a small group of freedom-fighters that called themselves "Liberty's Call" staged a demonstration protesting the Terran Republic's blatant, systematic elimination of human rights. A large group of people gathered to hear their views; however, the Republic's Riot Police put an end to the demonstration, killing every protester and even several innocent onlookers. Now, more than a hundred years later, the New Conglomerate, founded on the same principles as those supposedly slaughtered in the "alleged" Liberty's Call massacre, is determined to write a new chapter of history. A chapter free of the overbearing and draconian regime from which they claim to have emerged. Staging a short and brutal rebellion, the fledgling movement broke away from the Republic, wresting from it control of several rebirthing facilities thanks to a public broadcast from Vanu scientists, currently in the midst of their own revolt, and the loyalty of many of its battered and oppressed citizens.

Though the fall of the Terran Republic still remains the New Conglomerate's primary goal, there is no small amount of the group's animosity directed at the Vanu Sovereignty, another cell to have splintered from the regime. It is the New Conglomerate's understanding that the Sovereignty holds alien-influenced views of the human race as a flawed species; one they are attempting to mold into something different – something alien – through genetic modification and experimentation.

Guided by the idea that humanity deserves to be free from outside influences to find its own path in the universe, the New Conglomerate has decided that the Vanu Sovereignty and Terran Republic alike must be stopped for good, and their crimes against liberty brought to an end.

[edit] Unique Traits

Weapon systems designed by New Conglomerate engineers stress nothing more than the brute force they believe is needed to achieve their goals. While these weapons lack the accuracy, refire, and reload rates of the other empires' weapons, no guns can match the raw stopping power and bone-crushing force offered by those of the New Conglomerate. To a New Conglomerate soldier, long barrels and large magazines are simply signs of an unwillingness to get up close and personal and finish the job quickly.

The New Conglomerate's vehicles follow the in-your-face paradigm adopted by the faction by being outfitted with heavy armor, and harder hitting weapons that are designed to punch holes straight through an enemy's front lines. Though their heavy plating does leave them vulnerable to more agile enemies with faster reload rates, just one or two hits from a Vanguard's main gun is often enough to bring down all but the most hardened targets. Without any exception, New Conglomerate forces pose a dangerous threat if allowed to close the gap and bring the full weight of their ordnance to bear down on the enemy. Their faction's primary color is blue. Their secondary faction color is yellow.

[edit] Empire Specific Items

[edit] Vehicles

[edit] Explosives

  • Bouncing Betties

[edit] Media

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