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[edit] About the Outfit

Bellum Aeternus is dedicated to taking multiplayer gaming experience to a higher level through superior organization and tactics. Our purpose is to allow anyone who wishes to partake in a structured, team-oriented environment the ability to do so. This means we rely heavily on large scale organization and tactics, yet at the same time, remain open and available to those who seek our style of game play. Not only are we dedicated to achieving that "next level" of game play, but are also open to anyone willing to get involved.

Above and beyond our play style, Bellum Aeternus strives to be a fun, accessible, and mature organization. We expect the fun to come out of the camaraderie of our players and the success of our tactics. We are fundamentally egalitarian in our outlook, accepting anyone into our outfit and giving all the opportunity to seek leadership positions. As a mature group, we treat everyone -- ally and enemy alike -- with the highest respect both in-game and out.

[edit] Gameplay

We are a combined arms outfit. We do not believe that one size fits all and field squads that cater to a wide variety of play styles. In this outfit, you can find players and squads who dedicate the majority of their time to being the best air combat, or the best tank drivers because that is the play style that suits them. Additionally, you will find players who flow between these specific squad archetypes, and join whichever squad strikes their fancy for the night.

[edit] Leadership

We highly value leadership. From day one, anyone with the desire can step up and lead squads, even the newest of recruits. Moreover, we provide a training course that helps bring novice leaders up to speed and a mentorship program to help guide our potential new leaders. If you have a vision for a new style of squad, you will find members who are willing to jump on board and try to make it happen.

[edit] Recruitment

Our recruitment policy is very open. Our preference is that potential candidates review us and make an informed decision on if they feel that our style of game play and leadership is a suitable match. Although we are open to anyone, we are most certainly not for everyone. Our membership is mature and respectful. We do not tolerate bigotry or hateful statements, even in jest. There are other outfits for those players.

[edit] Video

Several of our members captured both propaganda footage as well as hours of actual in game experience, which provide a much better description of how our outfit currently operates. Additionally, we regularly have open squads which you may join directly through the social tab in game.

Bellum Aeternus on YouTube

Alareth, BA Grunt, Streamer Extraordinaire

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