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The Jesters were formed on the Lithcorp server in November 2012 and started off as a small 10-20 man outfit. They experienced huge growth since their foundation. One of the biggest accomplishments they Jesters think of themselves to date was the close loss against InI Elite in the Community Clash. While InI Elite was a selection of handpicked players, the Jesters were able to hold their ground for long with even though they see themselves as casual Outfit.

Before the merge between Cobalt and Ceres the Jesters were THE Key NC Outfit on Cobalt. Founder of the New Conglomerate Cobalt Alliance and intermediator between other Outfits. While on day to day bases they remain a force to be considered, in serious times they showed themselves as zergbreaking beeing able to hold against forces two times their numbers.

The Jesters play mainly as Infantery platoon and Shock Troops, coordinating and helping the rest of the NC to get their ground.

The Jesters always had a open recruitment policy and started mass recruiting through the ingame system in July 2014. The Jesters also play other games than PS2. The Leader of the Jesters is Powerpuffters. Website & Teamspeak:

PlanetSide Universe
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