Void Guardians

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The Void Guardians Outfit. VoGu

Once keepers. Now consecrated to forever fight in the name of the Void.

The Old Religion, that of the Keepers was created after 2 soldiers were saved by the Void. They were blessed to become High Priests. The 2, now priests created one of the biggest organizations. Immense military strengths and political powers.

The first generation of Void Guardians was created as an elite fighting force. Defending or attacking this group was the always in the hardest possible fights. This mentality of fighting to the last second is kept to this day.

The Void Guardians Outfit is the 5th generation. After political conflicts this group of people decided they will always be self sustained and without any outside influence. Thus VoGu was created, to keep the soldiers away from any form of pressure that is coming outside from the combat situation.

PlanetSide Universe
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