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Yellow Bus
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Leader Mentis2k6, Alvahryn, Lucky1TR
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region EU
Server Miller
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[edit] History

Yellow Bus or simply YBuS was founded by the core members of the old Woodman TR outfit Elementary Beginnings 'ELME'. We wanted to seperate us from a fairly large outfit - ELME had over 1000 members and was running public platoons daily - to focus more on things we enjoy in Planetside 2 and small scale tactical play. We are an international outfit.

[edit] What do we offer ?

  • Active teamspeak server for communication
  • Nice community, some of us are playing together for 2+ years
  • Fun, fun and more fun, we won't force you to sit in a ghost cap or camp a spawnroom waiting for the base capture
  • We have a lot of experienced players who will happily share their experience with you - be it infantry players, pilots or tankers
  • Weekly tactical ops events (saturday/sunday evenings)

[edit] Weekly OPs

Our outfit is based on friendship and our play style is very versatile, from laid-back infantry squad play to small scale special ops. We don't provide regular training, but we do weekly tactical ops.

  • Vehicle OPs (Saturday 19:00BST / 20:00 CET)
  • Infantry OPs (Sunday 19:00 BST / 20:00 CET)

Recently, we decided, together along with [CLUB], to run a combined OPs on Sunday.

We usually have around 2-3 squad of YBuS/CLUB members participating in weekly OPs. During 1:30-2 hours, we are trying to have a real impact in the battlefield. We welcome everyone willing to join us during these OPs. Feel free to come on our Teamspeak ( or and ask for a squad invite.

[edit] Requirements

  • TeamSpeak 3 (freeware), address: or

A working microphone would be nice for basic communication during OP’s and squads

  • We have a lot of members with different native tongues, don't be afraid
  • We are a mature outfit; you need to be 16+ to join
  • We are an active outfit; we'd like you to be active and play with us (In-Game and on Teamspeak)
  • We do not have any minimum Battle Rank or Kill/Death Ratio requirements (as long as you're mature, implicated, fun to play with, and have a great sense of humor)

[edit] Reddit

When you join the outfit, you will get invited to the YBuS private subreddit. While activity on our subreddit isn't required, it is where we post relevant info on outfit events, tactical play or general things about our outfit.

[edit] 4th Factioning

We do now have a few people playing NC or/and VS on Miller. Since most of us are maining TR, if you want to play NC or VS on Miller, please, either change channel or leave TeamSpeak (unless people are fine with you staying).

[edit] How can I join

  • If you fit our requirements and you want to join us, simply come to our Teamspeak server and play with us for a while to see if you like it!

Address: or

  • Please do not send us applications ingame, they will most likely be declined

[edit] Additional Infos

  • YBuS Leaders : Alvahryn, Mentis2k6, Lucky1TR (can be contacted on TS, reddit, In-Game)
  • YBuS TeamSpeak address : or
  • Yellow Bus DBG recruitment post

[edit] Trivia

  • Mentis2k6 has the most Auraxium medals in the game
  • YBuS or Yellow Bus was created on Jun 27 2014 5:26:29 PM

updated on 03/01/2016

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