Warrior Nation

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Warrior Nation

Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Europe
Server Ceres
Tags/Abbreviations XWNX
Website www.WarriorNation.net
Stats Warrior Nation Stats



Warrior Nation is an organized multi-game clan founded in 1998 that, as of today, counts more than 50 titles in its list of sections.

WNx has three Planetside2 sections, on different servers: New Conglomerate (CERES) / Vanu Sovereignty (WATERSON) / Terran Republic (CONNERY)

Focusing on organized team-play, it asks its members to join TeamSpeak Channel to be able to talk with other team members and react quickly to the leader's orders when things get serious.

We have two Game Nights when we play like a well organized platoon. Outside of our Game Nights, we still play together in an organized manner, but we don't take it as seriously. This way we can cater to the players that like military outfits and the players that like having fun while playing in a group.

We're often organizing with other outfits in order to coordinate larger scale attacks, flanking, defences or to attract attention away from the intended target, changing our tactical approach depending on the situation.


We have an organized hierarchy to make it easier to coordinate, but we also encourage our members to try & take squad and platoon lead.



Runs the Planetside 2 NC section. The Major makes sure the Captains are doing their jobs, overseas Game Nights, coordinates with other sections within the Warrior Nation clan and acts as first point of call when organizing with other outfits.


Responsible for organizing the outfit in-game. This can include platoon and squad leading, recruiting and generally making sure that members are having as much fun as possible.


Warrior Nation has its own dedicated forums. The MPs within the outfit moderate our forums, as well as providing support to Captains when playing.


Most importantly, Warrior Nation is not a ghost capping, territory grabbing outfit. We look for the best fights and often redeploy in order to help out our NC Allies. We excel in using Galaxy drops to re-secure bases, MAX crashing with Aegis shields up and shotguns blazing. If you are looking for an outfit that works together and throws itself into fights then XWNX is the place to be.

Members are expected to follow orders from their squad lead. Ultimately it is teamwork that wins in Planetside; and we need everyone moving and fighting as one. This means redeploy when asked to do so, squad deploy when asked to do so etc. There is always a method behind the squad leader's madness (or so we hope) and you won't be asked to do something without a valid reason that will lead to our success.


Every dot on this map is auto-dynamically updated once a week using IP/ISP information from every single user accounts last activity on the whole of the Warrior Nation Clan.

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