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The Submachine Gun (SMG) is a high rate of fire weapon designed for close quarters combat. They are available for every class except the MAX. SMGs were first implemented in GU02, with one SMG added for each faction. A second batch of SMGs were added around a week later, again, one for each faction. All of the SMGs that came in the second batch had a higher ammo capacity than the previous ones.

SMGs have projectile speeds equal to current sidearm weapons- slower than a majority of weapons available. SMGs only have a 25% movement speed penalty while aiming down sight, versus a 50% penalty on most other weapons. Although all classes except the MAX unit can use them, they are most effective on Infiltrators, who lack any real close quarters weapon.

There are seven available SMGs: two for each faction, and the NS-7 PDW for all factions.

[edit] Weapons

Submachine Guns
Nanite Systems


New Conglomerate

AF-4 CycloneBlitz GD-10

Terran Republic

PDW-16 HailstormSMG-46 Armistice

Vanu Sovereignty

Eridani SX5Sirius SX12

PlanetSide Universe
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