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The Vanu Sovereignty (commonly abbreviated VS) is one of three empires waging war for control over the planet Auraxis. They are characterized by advanced directed-energy weapons and highly mobile hover vehicles. Their faction colors are purple and cyan.

[edit] Origins

The Vanu Sovereignty derives its name from a long extinct alien race known as the Vanu, whose strange artifacts were discovered on the planet of Auraxis shortly after the first expeditionary forces from the Terran Republic arrived and on an asteroid before venturing through the wormhole. The Terran Republic sought to suppress VS experiments, deeming them a danger to humanity (or just their government). It was under these circumstances which they considered "oppressive" that the Vanu Sovereignty was formed and managed to persuade some "free-thinking" scientists to join its cause. The Sovereignty broke away, taking many bright minds and scientists from the Republic and several rebirthing facilities with it. The Vanu Sovereignty now seeks to destroy the Republic for the freedom to experiment on this alien technology, alter human beings, and further develop and research without restriction. This they feel is the key to the future.

Through the use of the mysterious Vanu technology "procured" during their split from the Republic, the group developed exotic energy weapons to aid them in their cause. In addition, they began experimenting with ways to improve the human body through modification. It was this alteration of the human species that generated great suspicion of and ultimately a declaration of war upon the Sovereignty by the New Conglomerate, another faction which had splintered away from the oppressive Terran Republic and which saw the Sovereignty's modification programs as an affront to humankind's natural progression.

Now, surrounded by enemies that are awash in ignorance, the Vanu Sovereignty fights to claim Auraxis in honor of their namesake and prove once and for all that technology is might.

[edit] Unique Traits

The Sovereignty's weapons rely on quickly energizing a splash of plasma-like ammunition that destroys the very bonding attributes of the elements that make up the armor and flesh of enemy forces. The Sovereignty's vehicles have been developed with special "mag-lev" technology that uses Auraxium's quantum properties to negate its mass. This allows them to completely forego the need for wheels in their designs, resulting in highly mobile vehicles capable of strafing left and right and driving over bodies of water. Their main faction colors are purple and cyan. Their alternative faction colors are green and pink, accordingly.

[edit] Media

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