AV MANA Turret

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AV MANA Turret
Empire Logo nc.pngNew ConglomerateLogo tr.pngTerran RepublicLogo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Class Engineer
Certification Tree AV MANA Turret
Cost 1,000 Icon certification point.png OR 700Resource icon station cash.png

The AV MANA Turret is similar to the MANA Turret and can be deployed by Engineers using the ACE. However, the player must choose the AV MANA ACE in the ability slot to equip. Once deployed, the player can use the turret to fire a wire-guided anti-tank missile. The projectile will track to the point painted by the crosshair, enabling the user to make adjustments in trajectory in flight. Like the anti-infantry version, only one AV MANA Turret may be placed at a time, and only the owner of the turret may use it.

The AV MANA Turret is also an effective anti-infantry weapon, killing any non-max unit in one direct hit if they do not have a high Flak Armor cert equipped.

The default reload time is 6 seconds, but it can be reduced as low as 4 seconds by investing in the AV MANA Turret Certification Tree.

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