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"Armor" in Planetside 2 is like the Name suggests, protection for the players who play in the factions fighting for dominance on Auraxis.

Vehicles have armor, too - but armor itself is mainly a concern for the different classes the players will have to choose for their game. There are light armors that the Medic, the Infiltrator, the Engineer and the Light Assault soldiers wear - and heavier armors that are mainly for the Heavy-Assault and MAX-Unit classes.

Of course, the classes with heavier armor can survive more damage, but they aren't as mobile and flexible as the other classes in several matters.

The MAX-Unit for an example has such a thick armor that the soldier inside of it cannot hack a control point in front of him - his armored Hands are too huge. The Heavy-Assault soldier is too heavy so that a jetpack/jumppack can not function properly.

Aside from all this, it seems that the Stealth-Camouflage-Ability which is Part of the gear from the Infiltrator, can only work when there is almost no armor at all carried.

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