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The Auraxis Global Network (AGN) is PlanetSide Universe's original and unique radio shoutcast service. Over the years it has played host to Community Nights, Ask the Devs, live embeds, exclusive live streams, Developer Round Tables and much more. The transition to live and recorded video was made in late 2011. Their latest content can always be found on their channel and their YouTube channel.


[edit] History

[edit] October 2012

The AGN launched their latest video series AGN: Instant Action on YouTube.

[edit] August 2012

The AGN was granted exclusive access to live stream PlanetSide 2 on their channel and their YouTube channel. They had a variety of live streams, live demos and live walkthroughs.

[edit] October 2011

The AGN began broadcasting in live video via The shows have been a huge success with hosts Hamma, Marsman and Jennyboo and various guests from the community joining in. Currently Community Night and Developer Roundtable are their live streamed shows. Recordings are always available via their YouTube Channel.

[edit] November 2011

Matt Higby Creative Director for PlanetSide 2 joined the live broadcast for the first time and showed tours of SOE Offices in San Diego and revealed exclusively some of the very first in game footage of the game. Also on the show was Tramell "T-Ray" Isaac.

[edit] Video Broadcasts

[edit] AGN: Instant Action

[edit] Main AGN broadcasts

[edit] Special AGN broadcasts

[edit] Live Streaming Recordings

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