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Business Forward was a private alliance formed between many of Earth’s major corporations sometime around the year 2630. It was created to help coordinate efforts to push back against increasingly restrictive rules and regulations on private business implemented by Earth’s government, the Terran Republic. Though not originally intended as a reform or even political movement, the alliances formed and ideologies espoused by Business Forward would eventually lay the framework for the New Conglomerate faction as it is known today.

At a summit held on February 14th, 2630, the members of Business Forward agreed that it was in their best interest to monitor the activities of former Terran Republic President Tom Connery. Connery, who had been a famous explorer before his presidency, was mounting an exploratory mission to the Moon Belt, which he had discovered some 15 years earlier. Sensing the potential for untold fame and fortune, Business Forward began taking applications for membership from major banks and private security firms and began establishing a strong rapport with the solar system’s major labor unions. Using these connections, Business Forward inextricably tied itself to Connery’s future endeavors—without utilizing a service under their control, Connery's ventures had no hope of succeeding. The newly enhanced Business Forward styled themselves as a “New Conglomerate”, with the intention of piggybacking on Connery’s success for years to come.

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