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Icon item tr claymore 128x128.png
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Class InfiltratorEngineer
Certification Required Claymore
Cost 75 Infantry

Claymores are an item available to the TR Engineer and Infiltrator classes. They occupy the item slot, and thus replace the ammo resupply pack if equipped. The device will detonate when an enemy comes in close proximity to it, after a short delay. One character can carry one Claymore at a time by default, but this can be increased to two Claymores if the second level of the Claymores Certification is purchased. Engineers can carry a third Claymore by taking level 5 of the Utility Pouch Certification. Players may deploy as many claymores as they are certified to equip at one time. Attempting to deploy more will make the earliest one placed disappear.

Mines do not replace the ammo resupply pack. Once Mines will be equipped, the ammo slot will be the same as the turret slot. Players can use the "switch fire modes" button to switch between turret and ammo packs.

The NC and VS equivalents to the Claymore are the Bouncing Betty and the Proximity Mine, respectively.

PlanetSide Universe
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