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[edit] PlanetSide 2

Command Rank is a sub-category of Squad Leader.

Squad Leader Certifications
Category Certification Name Levels and Cost Prerequisite
Squad Leader Command Rank 1 48 72
Command Rank 2 48 72 96 192
Command Rank 3 48
Command Rank 4 96 192 100 240
Command Rank 5 480

[edit] PlanetSide

Successfully capturing an enemy facility as a squad leader earns Command Experience Points (CEP) instead of Battle Experience Points. As a character accumulates CEP they increase Command Rank (CR) which gives them abilities useful to commanders. Increases in command rank also apply various cosmetic changes to the character's uniform.

[edit] Command Rank 1

CEP Required: 10,000
Uniform Upgrade: Left Shinguard
Tactical Upgrades: Place up to 4 waypoints for your squad/platoon.

Provide situation reports (battle conditions, base status, etc.) to those 1 command rank above you using the /sitrep command.

[edit] Command Rank 2

CEP Required: 25,000
Uniform Upgrade: Right Shinguard
Communication Upgrades: Access to command rank 2 command channel (using /c or /command).

Squad Voice Macros - Select a squad member name at the top of the screen, then type in the command for the macro.

CUD Upgrades: New ability: Reveal Friendlies.

[edit] Command Rank 3

CEP Required: 75,000
Uniform Upgrade Left Wristguard
Communication Upgrades: Access to command rank 3 command channel.

Battleplans: Draw battleplans on your map, which then shows on your squad/platoon members map. (Must be Squad Leader or Platoon Commander).

CUD Upgrades: New ability: EMP Jammer Blast.

[edit] Command Rank 4

CEP Required: 150,000
Uniform Upgrade: Right Wristguard.
Communication Upgrade: Access to the command rank 4 command channel.
CUD Upgrades: Reveal Enemies radius increased to 100 meters.

EMP Jammer Blast radius increased to 15 meters.
New ability: Orbital Strike.

[edit] Command Rank 5

CEP Required: 300,000
Uniform Upgrade: Backpack
Communication Upgrades: Access to command rank 5 command channel.

Global and Continent Wide Broadcasts.

CUD Upgrades: Reveal Enemies radius increased to 2 kilometers.

EMP Jammer Blast radius increased to 20 meters.
Orbital Strike radius increased to 20 meters.

[edit] Command Uplink Device (CUD)

Unlocked at command rank 2, the Command Uplink Device allows a commander to call upon special tactical abilities to turn the tide of battle in their favour. The table below describes the various abilities the CUD can grant a command:

Command Rank Ability Name Effect Initial Radius Recharge Time
2 Reveal Enemies Shows enemies on the radar within its radius. 10 meters? 20 minutes
3 EMP Jammer Blast Acts like a giant Jammer Grenade affecting any targets in its shockwave 10 meters 20 minutes
4 Orbital Strike Destroys or seriously damages anything within its blast 10 meters 3 hours
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