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Nanite Systems (NS) is the manufacturer of all the "common pool" weapons and vehicles to which all empires have access. NS equipment has neutral color tones and the designs are a combination of all three empire characteristics. NS equipment is built to last, not for visual appeal.

Nanite Systems was once a small company with a singular focus on nanotechnology back on Earth. Since the end of the early wars, they have branched out to other technologies such as advanced materials and construction. They were tasked with creating prefabricated buildings for the wormhole expedition.

Well built and utilitarian, the Nanite Systems common pool vehicles are utilized in a variety of battlefield situations: the Sunderer and Galaxy are the primary supply and transport vehicles used by each empire, dedicated combat vehicles like the Lightning and Liberator gunship help round out the empire’s military forces and the Flash and Harasser provide fast transport and strike craft.


The Nanite Systems logo on a golden background is used on banners in unoccupied locations, as well as on terminals not owned by a faction, as a placeholder.

A TR soldier with an NS-branded medical applicator.
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