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General Info
Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Icon Liberator
Type Aircraft
Role Bomber /Gunship
Crew 3
Passengers None
Cost 450 Nanites ressource
Default Spawn Timer 20 Minutes
Default Primary L30R Vektor
Default Secondary AP30 Shredder, M20 Drake

The Liberator is the attack gunship for all three empires. It can hold up to 3 passengers. (Pilot, gunner, and tailgunner.)

[edit] Weapons

The pilot can be equipped with CAS30 Tank Buster, which is extremely powerful to tanks. The default bellygunner is equipping AP30 Shredder, which is useful for Anti-Air purpose, and creates some damage to armor. It can be upgraded to L105 Zepher and C150 Dalton. The Zepher fires a salvo of 105mm rounds, providing heavy damge to infantry and some damage to vehicles. The Dalton generates huge damage to vehicles with it's 1-round magazine. The tailgunner's weapons can be upgraded to A30 Walker, which is useful for Anti-Air purpose; and M60-A Bulldog, which is useful for decimating infantry.

Liberator Primary Weapons
Weapon Role Range Cost
L30R Vektor Icon vehicleItem liberator noseGun20mm 256x128.png All-Purpose Very Long Default Weapon
CAS30 Tank Buster Icon vehicleItem liberator noseGun30mm 256x128.png Anti-Armor Short 100 Icon certification point.png OR 250Resource icon station cash.png
Liberator Secondary Weapons
Weapon Role Range Cost
AP30 Shredder Icon vehicleItem liberator rear30mmQuadGatling 256x128.png Anti-Infantry/Anti-Armor Medium Default Weapon
L105 Zepher Icon vehicleItem liberator 75mmCannon 256x128.png Anti-Infantry Very Long 750 Icon certification point.png OR 700Resource icon station cash.png
C150 Dalton Icon vehicleItem liberator 105mmCannon02 256x128.png Anti-Armor Long 1,000 Icon certification point.png OR 700Resource icon station cash.png
Liberator Tertiary Weapons
Weapon Role Range Cost
M20 Drake Icon vehicleItem 20mmBallTurret 256x128.png All-Purpose Long Default Weapon
M60-A Bulldog Icon vehicleItem 60mmBallTurret 256x128.png Anti-Infantry Medium 100 Icon certification point.png OR 250Resource icon station cash.png
A30 Walker Icon vehicleItem flakBallTurret 256x128.png Anti-Air Long 750 Icon certification point.png OR 700Resource icon station cash.png

[edit] Certifications

Category Certification Name Levels, Cost, and Effects
Passive Systems Acquisition Timer 1 10 30 50 100 150 200 400 500 1000
Utility Slot Decoy Flares 100 200 500 1000
Ejection System 500
NS LF-100 Afterburner 250 375 550 750 1000
Fire Suppression System 30 50 100 500
Defense Slot Nanite Auto Repair System 50 100 150 200 500
Vehicle Stealth 30 100 200 1000
Composite Armor 100 200 500 1000
Performance Precision Bomber Airframe 100 200 400
High-G Airframe 100 200 400
Racer High Speed Airframe 100 200 400

[edit] PlanetSide

A TR Liberator in PS1

This bomber is a three-crew vehicle. The pilot not only flies the vehicle, but also has a fixed-forward firing 35mm heavy machinegun for strafing ground targets. The tailgunner has a highly-maneuverable 25mm machinegun to cover the rear of the aircraft. The bombardier can drop bombs of two varieties, either tankbuster (which punches and destroys armored targets) or anti-personnel where the bomb splinters into nine pieces on its way down to pattern-bomb an area with smaller, anti-infantry explosions. The bombardier has some control over the destination of the bombs and can set drag on those bombs to hit nearer or farther than the default drop position by moving the mouse back and forth along the sighting line seen from the bombardier position.

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