Game Update 7 (2013/04/18)

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[edit] New in the Depot

  • NS-44 Commissioner - The awe-inspiring stopping power of the accurate NS-44 Commissioner revolver can put down even mid-range targets with a few well placed shots. Cowboy up and grab one today!
  • NS-357 Underboss - Chambered for the powerful .357 magnum cartridge, the snub-nosed Underboss revolver features a faster rate of fire and more controllable recoil than its bigger NS-44 brother. The only question left is did you fire five shots or six?
  • Both of these new pistols have statistically identical black and gold tinted versions available to members in the early access section of the Depot
  • New Helmets for Heavy Assault and MAX:
    • New Conglomerate: GD Titan 113 Helmet
    • Terran Republic: Bravo MHS Helmet
    • Vanu Sovereignty: Protos Helmet

[edit] New Features:

  • New Weapon Stats are now available! Damage Range, Reload time, and every thing else you need to know about your weapons is now at your fingertips.
  • Want to see how that Desert Scrub will look on your Sunderer or Character? Now you can with our preview feature!

[edit] Infantry Updates

  • Active Heavy Assault Shields and flak armor will no longer stack.
  • Jump Jet audio has been increased in volume.
  • Grenades are now thrown directly at the aim point. The arc has been slightly modified to work with this change.
  • Tanks mines have been increased in size.
  • Removed the forced weapon swap after deploying an object.
  • Lock-on rocket launchers can no longer lock on to turrets.
  • The repair tool targeting now functions similar to the heal tool.
  • All extra VS damage scaling at range has been removed. VS minimum damage now matches the damage scaling of the other two factions.

[edit] Weapon Specific Changes:

  • Battle rifles will now more consistently recoil to the right.
  • Added the High Velocity Ammunition attachment.

[edit] TR M3 Pounder HEG

    • Magazine Size: 2 changed to 4
    • Projectile Speed: 70 m/s changed to 100 m/s
    • Projectile Gravity: 2 changed to 10
    • Direct Damage: 375 changed to 325
    • Short Reload: 1.25 seconds changed to 1.75 seconds
    • Long Reload: 1.5 seconds changed to 2 seconds

[edit] TR MRC3 Mercy

    • Projectile Velocity: 450 m/s changed to 550 m/s
    • Max Damage: 143 changed to 125
    • Short Reload Time: 2.4 seconds changed to 2.6 Seconds

[edit] TR M6 Onslaught

    • Rounds Per Minute: 475 changed to 490
    • Short Reload Time: 2.4 seconds changed to 2.2 Seconds
    • Long Reload Time: 3.0 seconds changed to 2.8 Seconds
    • Minimum Damage: 112 changed to 100
    • Minimum Damage Range: 65 meters changed to 50 meters
    • Projectile Velocity: 450 m/s changed to 440 m/s

[edit] VS Beamer VS3

    • Short Reload: 1.7 seconds changed to 1.45 seconds
    • Long Reload: 2.0 seconds changed to 1.75 seconds
    • Aimed Accuracy: 0.4 degrees changed to 0.3 degrees

[edit] VS Manticore SX40

    • Aimed Accuracy: 0.4 degrees changed to 0.3 degrees

[edit] NC Warden, TR AMR-66, Eidolon VE33

    • Vertical Recoil: 1.0 changed to 0.6
    • Horizontal Recoil: 0.25 min, 0.35 max changed to 0.18 min, 0.22 max
    • Recoil Recovery: 5 degrees per second changed to 15 degrees per second
    • Aimed accuracy loss per shot: 0.125 changed to 0.1
    • Hip accuracy loss per shot: 0.25 changed to 0.2
    • Equip Time: 0.5 seconds changed to 0.85 seconds
    • Short Reload: 2.3 seconds changed to 2.5 seconds
    • Long Reload: 3.4 seconds changed to 3.5 seconds
    • Damage scale start: 10 meters changed to 8 meters
    • Damage scale end: 85 meters changed to 65 meters

[edit] NC AF-18 Stalker, TR SOAS-20, VS Artemis

    • Minimum Damage: 112 at 65 meters changed to 125 at 65 meters
    • First Shot Recoil: 2.5 changed to 1.5
    • Recoil Recovery: 15 degrees per second changed to 18 degrees per second
    • Magazine size: 20 changed to 24
    • Total Ammunition: 120 changed to 240
    • Short Reload: 2.25 seconds changed to 2 seconds (long reload remains same at 3 seconds)
    • Aimed Accuracy: 0.15 crouched moving, 0.25 stand moving changed to 0.2 crouched moving, 0.3 stand moving
    • Horizontal Recoil: 0.1 min, 0.3 max changed to 0.2 min, 0.225 max
    • Equip Time: 0.5 seconds changed to 0.75 seconds

[edit] NC AF-6 Shadow, TR HSR-1, VS Nyx VX31

    • Rounds Per Minute: 260 changed to 255
    • Vertical Recoil: 1.5 changed to 1.0
    • Recoil Recovery: 6 degrees per second changed to 8 degrees per second
    • Short Reload: 2.32 seconds changed to 2.0 seconds (long reload remains same at 2.9 seconds)
    • Damage Scale Start: 10 meters changed to 15 meters
    • Damage Scale End: 85 meters changed to 65 meters
    • Aimed accuracy loss per shot: 0.125 changed to 0.3
    • Hip accuracy loss per shot: 0.25 changed to 0.6
    • Equip Time: 0.5 seconds changed to 0.85 seconds
    • Magazine size: 10 changed to 12
    • Total Ammunition: 70 changed to 72

[edit] NC NCM2 Falcon

    • Reload: 2.5 seconds changed to 2.4 seconds
    • Max Projectile Velocity: 80 changed to 100
    • Projectile Gravity: 1.5 changed to 0.5
    • Direct Damage: 750 changed to 675

[edit] VS Comet VM2

    • Projectile Velocity: 60 changed to 90
    • Magazine Size: 1 changed to 2
    • Direct Damage: 550 changed to 350
    • Short Reload: 1.5 seconds (Short reload previously didn't exist. Long reload remains the same at 1.7 seconds)

[edit] M2 Mutilator

    • Projectile Velocity: 400 m/s changed to 500 m/s
    • Long Reload: 3.5 Seconds changed to 3.4 Seconds
    • Short Reload: 2.975 Seconds changed to 2.8 Seconds
    • All VS MAX Anti-Infantry weapons except for the Nebula VM20
    • Increased starting accuracy by 0.1 degrees in all movement states.

[edit] VS Blueshift VM5

    • Rounds Per Minute: 350 changed to 365
    • Projectile Velocity: 400 m/s changed to 500 m/s
    • Now does 143 maximum and minimum damage.

[edit] VS Nebula VM20

    • Rounds Per Minute: 400 changed to 425
    • Accuracy loss per shot: 0.06 changed to 0.05
    • Short Reload Time: 2.1 seconds changed to 2.15 Seconds
    • Long Reload Time: 2.8 seconds changed to 2.6 Seconds
    • Minimum Damage @ 50 meters: 112
    • Projectile Velocity: 450 m/s changed to 430 m/s

[edit] VS Cosmos VM3

    • Projectile Velocity: 400 m/s changed to 500 m/s
    • Long Reload: 3.3 Seconds changed to 3.2 Seconds
    • Short Reload: 2.475 Seconds changed to 2.4 Seconds

[edit] VS Lasher X2

    • New model with new firing and reload animations.

[edit] TR T7 Mini-Chaingun

    • This weapon’s spool up time no longer acts like a fire delay. It will now fire immediately and then ramp up to its maximum RPM over the spool up duration.
    • Aimed Accuracy: 0.3375 crouch moving, 0.9 stand moving changed to 0.2 crouch moving, 0.35 stand moving
    • Hip accuracy: Reduced by 0.5 in all movement states.
    • Short Reload: 3.4 seconds changed to 4.15 seconds
    • Long Reload: 4.0 seconds changed to 5.0 seconds

[edit] Bug Fixes

  • Fixed health and shield bars intermittently displaying as empty when wearing nanoweave.
  • Fixed reticule flicker when compensators are equipped on LMGs and slug ammunition is equipped on shotguns.
  • Fixed 3rd Person animation issues with the Phobos VX86
  • Fixed an issue that caused 1st and 3rd person animations to break for the Lancer if it was reloaded under the right conditions
  • Fixed issue that removed access to the VMS or DMO scopes when logging out with them equipped on the Eridani SX5 or SMG-46 Armistice
  • Fixed visual firing inconsistencies in 3rd person for the Lancer
  • Purchasing the TMS 4x Scope will no grant access to the correct scope
  • Fixed 1st person reload animation issue for NS-11 C
  • Fix for flickering OG-4 scope cross hairs
  • Healing an ally damaged by friendly fire will no longer grant XP
  • Addressed problems with the AV MANA Turret not displaying 3rd person projectiles accurately once at least one level of the turret’s cool down cert was purchased

[edit] Vehicle Updates

  • Increased Magrider base strafe acceleration rate.
  • Increases top speed to 20 KPH (up from 15)
  • Takes 2 seconds to reach 20 KPH (down from taking 3 seconds to reach 15)
  • This should also cause the Magrider to not slow down as drastically when strafing over small inclines.
  • Damage received when a vehicle flips over and hits the ground reduced. The vehicle will still take increased damage and eventually be destroyed, but this should allow a chance for the vehicle to right itself or passengers to bail out before it explodes.
  • Added option to toggle off inverting steering controls when a tank goes into reverse.
  • Improved Flash Handling
    • Should be easier to control while in reverse
    • Traction should be improved at higher speeds
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue that would not allow the S12 Renegade to be equipped while being trialed
    • Proximity Repair system should now properly award support XP to the owner if they are not in the driver seat

[edit] UI Updates

  • Strategic Communication Improvements
    • Removed blinking map regions
    • Capture progress is now displayed on the map
    • Ally activity displayed on the map
    • Influence pie charts have been replaced with population percentages
    • Changed the visualization of enemy activity – activity level coloring is now a gradient of red instead of spectrum of different colors
    • Disabled generator/spawn display for facilities
    • Secondary objective timer display added to HUD indicators
    • Facility icons now visible at all zoom levels on the map
    • Map legend added
  • Service Ribbons can now be earned for capturing and defending bases
  • Improved Item Preview
    • Preview is now full screen
    • Items can now be previewed on multiple classes
  • Loadout Screen Improvements
  • Locked gear and weapons can now be viewed and unlocked from the loadout screen
  • Quick camo selector added to main Class/Vehicle screens – Allows you to quickly select and apply permanent camos to all classes/weapons/vehicles
  • Removed the old class and vehicle landing pages
  • The currently equipped consumable can now be resupplied directly from the main Class screen
  • Medals are now displayed in the loadout from the main Class screen
  • Added a class/vehicle cert button to main Class screen
  • Specific weapon attachment slots can now be selected from the main Class screen and weapon selection screen
  • Item descriptions added to the weapon selection screen
  • Better Weapon Stats shown on weapon selection screen
  • Replaced stat bars with numbers
  • Added damage-range degradation graph
  • More weapon stats displayed
    • Muzzle velocity
    • Ammunition
    • Hip Accuracy
    • Aim Accuracy
    • Iron Sight Zoom
    • Indirect Damage
  • New HUD indicator for Ammo Packs
  • Added a Bundles category to the Depot
  • Added invert reverse steering option for track vehicles
  • Bug Fixes
    • Loadouts should now unlock properly if players earned enough XP at once to skip the battle rank that unlocked it
    • The Squad listing in the social window should now display additional squads when scrolling down

[edit] Facilities Updates

  • Increased facility secondary objective (generators and SCUs) XP rewards:
    • Overload: Raised from 100xp to 250xp
    • Stabilization: Raised from 100xp to 250xp
    • Objective Kill: Raised from 100xp to 500xp
  • Bug Fixes
    • Turret shadows should rotate with the turret appropriately
    • Vehicles in VR should now respawn more reliably
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