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HIVEs Hardline Interference Volume Emitters or “HIVEs” are structures which can generate Victory Points over time. These structures also require a nearby Silo for power, but only when they are active. A HIVE becomes “active” when your faction has an available core.

Hardline Interference Volume Emitters (HIVEs) generate Victory Points over time, as long as they are fueled by nearby Cortium silos and have an active power core within. Destroying an enemy HIVE will not only halt their ability to generate Victory Points, but also steal the power core within, allowing you to activate more HIVEs for your faction.

Along with HIVEs, there are a variety of new player-made structures that Cortium has enabled you to build. From turrets to bunkers to sunderer garages, these structures can be used to defend your territory or establish a forward operating base – forever changing the landscape of open field fights.

Initially a vulnerable “chassis” when unpowered. While housing a Victory Core, the chassis becomes indestructible, and a small shielded area becomes the only point where it can receive damage. Active HIVEs generate Victory Points based on their proximity to the enemy Warp Gate, and require Cortium from a nearby Silo to operate.

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