Hotfix (2013/02/07)

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[edit] General:

  • Depot - G30 Walker and G40-F Ranger now available for Sunderer
  • Medical Kits can be resupplied again
  • The Stronghold will no longer occasionally spawn players at a bad location
  • Prowler Anchor projectile speed bonus was incorrectly set too high
  • Hill climbing restrictions on Flash Turbo removed
  • Improved some oddities with vehicle collision causing excessive damage
  • Fixed some issues with fall damage being a little more punishing than it should have been – especially falling onto vehicles

[edit] Gameplay adjustments:

[edit] Nanite Auto Repair System

  • Disabled from damage time decreased by 2 seconds.
  • Amount of damage repaired increased for all vehicles

[edit] ESF Composite Armor

  • Increased bonus against flak by 5% each rank.
  • Increased bonus against small arms fire by 2% each rank.

[edit] M14 Banshee

  • Increased direct hit damage to 140 (up from 110).
  • Magazine certline adjusted to 6/9/12/15.

[edit] Lock-on weapons (A2A Missiles & Lock-on heavy assault weapons)

  • Lock-on Angle reduced. Targets must be closer to the center of the crosshair in order to lock-on.

[edit] NS Annihilator

  • Base lock-on acquire time increased from 2 seconds to 3 seconds.
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