Hotfix (2013/04/24)

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  • Show your aircraft some love with Lumifiber Trim in the Depot. Equipable for the Galaxy, Liberator, Mosquito, Scythe, and Reaver.
  • Fixed the issue with players that are stuck with two helmets equipped on top of each other. Note that you will need to re-equip your helmet if you were affected by this issue.
  • The Rashnu Bio Lab forward spawns should once again be able to be captured
  • Instant action and squad deploy timers are no longer tied to the normal facility respawn timer
  • Disabled the vestigial Capture HUD (0/0) UI on capture points as well as the now defunct loading screen tip regarding the element
  • Fixed missing audio for the Prowler while anchoring
  • Fixed missing piece on the VS Lasher
  • First person rifle jump animation has been fixed
  • Tint adjustment on VS helmets have been made.
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