Hotfix (2013/05/09)

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New in The Depot:

  • Harasser Tire Spikes and Hubcaps are now available!

Misc Fixes

  • Lumifber should now appear correclty on the Harasser.
  • The Stats Miscellaneous tab will now display ribbons.
  • The Horn bundle contents have been clarified so it’s clear which vehicles they are for.
  • Disabled concussion and flash grenades in VR Training
  • Camo should no longer cover too much on the new MAX helmets.
  • Fixed large bridge support beam that wasn’t rendering correctly.
  • Harasser Nanite Auto Repair System Cert tooltips have been corrected.
  • Flash Performance Cert tooltips fixed
  • VS MAX Vortex balance tweaks have been made:
    • Increase damage fall off start range by 100 meters (300-400)
    • Increased charge 1 damage from 85 to 105
    • Increased charge 2 damage from 200 to 245
    • Increased charge 3 damage from 415 to 490
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