Hotfix (2013/07/30)

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[edit] General

  • Fixed an issue that restricted players from purchasing a bundle if they already owned the very first item in that bundle
  • There should now be a loading screen before character select
  • Fixed steering wheel HUD icon not showing for your own vehicle
  • Fixed IFF reticule turning red when targeting dead enemies
  • Corrected an issue causing the Andvari South Bank outpost to exhibit forward spawn characteristics
  • Fixed several issues with the Andvari Barracks spawn point. Should now function as normal.
  • Grenades should no longer be auto-consumed when unequipped
  • Added new cert tree icons for the Desperado, the Cerberus, and the Inquisitor pistols
  • Addressed some floating props near Bridge-Ward
  • Fixed missing teleporters at Mani Bio Lab
  • Fixed missing lattice link between Aurora Materials Lab and Rime Analytics
  • Auto-resupply will no longer appear unchecked after selecting a new item or window
  • Walls were added near the spawn room at Freyr Geothermal Plant and around the vehicle pad
  • Restored the missing cover to the Ymir Eastern Way Station
  • Fixed missing geometry at the sunken amp station near the Rink
  • Fixed missing geo under a rock near Nott Substation
  • Added walls around the eastern vehicle pad at Eisa Mining Operation
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