Hotfix (2013/08/16)

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[edit] General

  • Fixed a bug where the loadout selection on the deploy screen always defaults to the first loadout
  • Fixed a problem with the deploy button that could sometimes cause the need to click on a another respawn point for the deploy countdown to work properly
  • Minimap platoon squad waypoints should now have the proper number of chevrons
  • Fixed a bug where faction specific bundles would disappear from the Depot after switching factions
  • Corrected some display oddities in the Depot that took place after trying to purchase an item while having insufficient funds
  • Fixed some floating props at Apex Genetics and Northpoint Station
  • Addressed some clipping geometry at Freyr Amp Station
  • The ground vehicle ammo terminal at Rime Analytics should now properly resupply vehicles
  • Adjusted TR MAX Drakon Armor pricing
  • Drakon Armor purchases now properly unlock account wide
  • Auto-squadding will no longer cause respawn points to suddenly display on the map
  • Disabled some UI caching that was causing some client instability
  • Fixed an issue with XP not adding certs correctly
  • Improved voice chat reliability
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