Hotfix (2013/09/27)

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[edit] General

  • Warpgate rotation

[edit] Bug Fixes

  • Fix for instant action taking players to unpopulated facilities
  • Fix for flares occasionally not breaking lock-on
  • Soft point ammunition no longer unequips after logout when equipped on the following weapons: AF-4G Cyclone, SMG-46G Armistice, Eridani SX5G
  • Bad spawn point at Zurvan Auxiliary removed
  • XP should be correctly awarded to players deploying mines instead of the player detonating/shooting the mine

[edit] Depot

  • ESF Lumifiber Trim
    • Now available in new colors.
  • Chrome ESF Fins
    • Because everything is better in chrome.
  • Coming Soon in Depot
    • Harasser Bumpers
      • Five bumpers available in original, gold, chrome and pink flavor.
  • Sunderer Lights
    • If you’ve ever lost your Sunderer somewhere in the dark, these lights are for you. Batteries included.
  • Sunderer Grills
    • You are unique and special, and so is your Sunderer. At least, it is with one of these new grills.
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