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Terran Republic Breaking News, 6.1.2642

At 9:00AM today, fleet vessels were rocked by massive explosions on civilian starship Discovery-7 in what has been called “a savage act of treason by unknown agents.” The tragic destruction of Discovery-7 occurred during a previously undisclosed meeting between Mission Commander Thomas Connery, T.R. military representatives and several civilian insurgent leaders. The attacks resulted in the loss of Commander Connery as well as the lives of all other 591 on board.

The purpose of the secret meeting was explained to us by former Minister and current Terran Republic Councilman Adam Miller. “The meeting was formed hastily to broker a new peace agreement with the insurgents in response to the armed uprising that took place three days ago,” he explained. “It was intended to prevent any further catastrophes.”

The newly instated provisional commander, Brent Waterson, responded to the hostilities quickly by enforcing an immediate but temporary fleet-wide curfew. Waterson has released an official statement regarding the immediate future of the fleet stating that “…citizens who cannot show legitimate cause as to why they are outside their quarters past curfew will be immediately detained. As always, based on rules set by the late Commander Connery himself, all laws enacted have to go through a full and transparent voting process. The proposed law is solely based on our concerns with the safety of the fleet.”

When asked for further information regarding the Provisional Commander’s statement, Miller provided some details about the actions being taken. “We’re looking to take swift action and have proposed two possible levels of security in order to bring those responsible to justice efficiently,” said Miller. “Our ‘Level 1’ plan will have individual ships appoint their own police to deal with the investigation of this terrible tragedy. Additionally, the current curfew would be suspended for the time being.”

“Our ‘Level 2’ plan, however, guarantees a far greater amount of security and safety for the fleet,” explained Miller. “‘Level 2’ will give the T.R. military control over all fleet ships, as well as cause for random searches with the intent to find weaponry possible for the attack on Discovery-7. Those found possessing such weapons will be executed without trial. Furthermore, identification must be carried at all times, and curfew hours will remain in place.”

Councilman Miller reassured our reporter that “all such laws will be rescinded once those responsible have been brought to justice. At that point, all control will return to civilian authorities. Once again, I’d like make it evident that your safety is our primary concern.”

Terran Republic Breaking News, 7.1.2642

Though still reeling from the tragic loss of life on Discovery-7 early yesterday morning, voters began sending their ballots in the mandatory security measure polls today at 3PM. With the final tally finishing an hour later, Level 2 security measures won by a narrow 2% margin.

Provisional Commander Waterson confirmed that Security Level 2 would be put into operation no later than noon tomorrow. Waterson insisted that both he and other T.R. officials understand the extreme controversy of this action, but promise to wield their new authority with all possible discretion on a case-by-case basis.

Waterson put forth the following in an official statement to the fleet: “We realize Level 2 security was voted in only by the slimmest of margins, but it remains the majority’s choice. These measures exist solely to protect all citizens from the acts of those who brutally murdered our beloved Commander and the nearly 600 others on the Discovery-7. We will find those responsible for the mass slaughter of our peers and they will pay for their crimes. Only then can the fleet return to normal operations.”

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