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A Medal is awarded for obtaining a certain number of kills with each infantry and vehicle weapon. The medal is displayed in your personal statistics as well as in the weapon selection screen in the user interface. Medals grant Certification Points.

Once a player reaches the Auraxium level for a weapon they will have earned a total of 232Icon certification point.png via medal rewards (in addition to certs accrued through kill and ribbon XP) and no more medals can be earned, though Ribbons can continue to be accumulated.

Auraxium Medal
Medal Level Kills Required (Since Last Award) Kills Required (Cumulative Total) Reward
Copper 10 10 2 Icon certification point.png
Silver 50 60 10 Icon certification point.png
Gold 100 160 20 Icon certification point.png
Auraxium 1000 1160 200 Icon certification point.png
PlanetSide Universe
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