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Nanites are nanoscopic robots primarily used for the fabrication of weapons, vehicles, armor, and other combat equipment for use by the soldiers of every empire. They are also responsible for the de-fabrication of this equipment when it has ceased to function or gone too long without use by authorized personnel. This efficient reclamation of battlefield debris–including both vehicle wreckage and the corpses and equipment of fallen soldiers–has resulted in the Auraxium Wars being one of the most efficient wars in human history, with little to no impact upon the otherwise pristine Auraxian ecosystem. They function by using Auraxium 's gravitational properties to rearrange matter ( resources ) and specialize themselves for certain tasks.

Nanites also have specific applications in the medical and engineering fields, able to repair human flesh and damaged vehicle plating alike when applied by Combat Medics or Engineers. These field dressings and repairs must be made using Medical Applicators and Advanced Construction Engines, respectively. On a larger scale, medical nanites are used in Respawn Tubes to reconstruct the bodies of fallen soldiers from stored DNA-based blueprints in a process known as "Rebirthing".

It is believed that nanite technology in its current form was developed by pre-Sovereignty Vanu Scientists working under the Terran Republic with Nanite Systems using it to construct vehicles that are being licensed to all three empires in accordance with the company's policy of remaining a neutral entity in the war.

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