10th Mount Division

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NC10 "The 10th Mount Division"
Leader LordVivic
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region North America
Server Mattherson
Tags/Abbreviations NC10
Website http://www.nc10.org
Stats 10th Mount Division Stats


[edit] Introduction

[edit] General Information

The NC Tenth Mount Division (NC10) is a outfit that currently plays on Mattherson (US East). Its defining principles are respect towards the leaders of the community, who are chosen based on vigorous criteria. NC10 uses a military-like system of governance to achieve a player base that is professional but casual.

In addition to Planetside 2, NC10 has regular players on Warthunder, Starcraft II and Final Fantasy XIV, with planned expansion into Elder Scrolls Online.

[edit] Leaders

The current Outfit Commander is Methuzelah. The Executive Officer is ShiftySombrero. Their supporting officers are Alnakinn, Andthor, DCSlayerXPlays, NCHeavyHunter, rlpple, Spazz6786, Wiplash0162 and Voltron1.

[edit] History

[edit] Founding

NC10 was founded by LordVivic on December 15, 2012. Under his leadership, it grew to be one of the largest outfits on the original Soltech server. Originally an outfit focused on light armor, NC10 adapted to the many changes of the game over the course of early 2013.

[edit] Leadership

NC10 has seen several outfit leaders during its history on Planetside 2. The first major transition was the promotion of Bulbuh16 to leader of operations for Planetside 2 during the spring of 2013. While LordVivic retained his rights as outfit founder, his focus shifted to that of the multi-gaming aspect of the community.

In July 2013, NC10 saw another transition. Bulbuh16 resigned from his post to take on responsibilities within the greater NC10 community. Methuzelah was promoted to leader of operations on Planetside 2.

[edit] Players

NC10 currently has over 400 members on its Planetside 2 roster. It is an active player base that runs public squads every night.

[edit] Summarized Code of Conduct

The maximum penalty for breach of the code is dismissal from the outfit. Disregarding or openly questioning orders from your platoon leaders, squad leaders, or commanding officers is strictly prohibited. In addition, cheating of any type, disrespectful, disruptive or otherwise inappropriate behavior and harassment of other players is strictly prohibited.

[edit] Voice Communication

The official voice platform for NC10 is Teamspeak 3. It is required for leadership positions and advancement through the ranks of the outfit.

In-game voice comms are used for public squads. Platoon Chat is reserved for platoon leader and squad leaders only, in order to keep communications clear.

[edit] Recruitment

NC10 is actively recruiting. Our strict requirement is that its members are respectful and can follow the orders of their leaders. A strong requirement is a Battle Rank of at least 15.

NC10 recruits via in-game public squads but also via its website, nc10.org. To apply to the outfit, simply send an application via the website and then join one of our in-game squads to ask for an invite.

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