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11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
Leader CPT Ricc Flair
Empire Terran Republic
Region North America
Server Mattherson
Tags/Abbreviations 11AC
Website http://11thacr.enjin.com/

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11th ACR | The Ironhorse

The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment AKA The "Ironhorse" [11AC] is a Tactical Realism Outfit of the Terran Republic in Planetside 2. Currently located on the Mattherson Server, we are looking for soldiers who enjoy reenactment and realistic gameplay to bring you some of the most intense while enjoyable warfare you have ever been apart of! Be sure and Register your "In-Game Name" on the Forums and stay updated with News and Events. Enlist Today and become part of the Brotherhood that is the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment!

[edit] Tactical Realism

Tactical Realism is a style of teamwork and organization that embodies cooperative play and structure. It differs from the normal ‘clan style’ of play that primarily consists of members that enjoy playing together but instill a looser hierarchy or a non military based mission statement, or use a textbook rank and promotions system and maintain a system for tracking your tour of duty . Tactical Realism on the other hand has a very organized hierarchy and rank structure (beneficial in organizing large amounts of people), a clear and defined military mission statement, acute and precise team structure in an admin sense and most importantly, and trains to instill intense tactical discipline. This tactical discipline is bred from the structure. It instills an exact understanding of each member’s role and duty and also rewards those that fulfill a sense of dedication to the team and the ability to fulfill that appointed role. It’s really a matter of each person’s preference. Theres no right or wrong way to play the game , however YOU enjoy it best, so this isn't a judgement. Tactical Realism for its addition to the layers of the game, is a way to increase the game experience for those that enjoy the all around expeirence of the game from the aspect of the 'lore and 'immersion' of the game. To fully understand and appreciate Tactical Realism one must understand the concept of ‘Immersion”. Immersion is to take a very ‘lore’ based game like Planetside 2 and intensify that ‘lore’ by creating our own within it. As the Terran Republic, for example, we are the defacto ‘Government Military’ on Auraxis. This is why from the sense of ‘immersion’, we instill that 100% fully replicated military structure to build on the lore and intensify the game play experience. Tactical Realism is not intended to exert a demeaning aspect or an ‘I’m the boss’ mentality. It’s created as the ULTIMATE ‘role play’ experience in game as a TR soldier would experience it and live it. The rank structure is adhered to in every sense. This lends to that experience. It also gives players a very clear cut understanding of what they can expect and also shows them exactly how and what they can do to rise in the ranks of the outfit without having to guess how and when or be the ‘pal’ of the commander. In Tactical Realism it’s based strictly off of merit and dedication not politics. Again the point is however each person gets the most enjoyment is how they should play. Tactical Realism or Clan, both can be fun and both can do damage, just different paths trying to obtain the same results. For those seeking the ultimate ‘immersion’ experience and the grand opportunity to ‘create’ your own lore within the lore, Tactical Realism may be for you. Lastly and one of the most important points is that the misconception is that Tactical Realism equals gettin yelled at and being serious 100% of the time. When we train, enter into a mission or engagement, or have a 'serious' squad going then it's game on. The other side to that is 'free play'. As with any Outfit, Tactical Realism is a brotherhood of people that you come to know and enjoy playing with,having fun with and sharing the experience with. We are looking for leaders that are ready to lead. We employ Mechanized Infantry, Armor Crewman, Cavalry Scouts, Pilots, Combat Medics, and Combat Engineers and are currently recruiting those looking to experience Tactical Realsim. Check out our website and you will see the ultimate Tactical Realism Outfit on PS2. We don’t just say it, we live it.

[edit] Armored Cavalry Doctrine

The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, or “ACR”, and known as the “Ironhorse” is a dedicated Cavalry (Mechanized Infantry, Armor and Air) Outfit that has the mission of reconnaissance and security, conducting 'Hunter/ Killer"(Prowler/ Lightning) teams to combat enemey Armor as well as being versatile enough to attack and seize targets ahead and on the flanks of main force Terran Republic operation and having the ability to hold points with uncanny efficiency. Unlike armored and infantry units, an Armored Cavalry Regiment is organized in Regiments, Squadrons, and Troops which are equivalent to Brigades, Battalions, and Companies respectively. A regiment of Armored Cavalry, such as the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (the Iron Horse Regiment) on Auraxis, consists of a headquarters troop (command), three mechanized infantry troops, a tank company, and an aviation troop. The three ground troops are a mixture of mechanized infantry and Sunderers (Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicles). The Tank Company, the heart of the “Ironhorse” is equipped with the Heavy “Prowler” and teams in with the Lightnings to form deadly “Hunter – Killer" teams. The aviation troop of the squadron is equipped with, Mosquito Scout/Attack fixed wing aircraft, and Liberator gunships to add a forward observation element as well as providing cutting edge killing power , when rendered as a defense tool of the commander, or showcased as a front line tank and infantry destroyer.

The 11th ACR Troops in PS2 are from the 1st Squadron's Alpha "Assassins" Troop and Delta "Death Dealers" Troop and serve on Auraxis for the TR Corps/Theater Commander, as the eyes and ears of TR mainforce conducting 'screen' recons and recons by force, as well as a component of the main force Armor unit of the Terran Republic, while rendering destruction with a balance of the best elements that the Terran Republic war machine has to offer. The 11th ACR takes the approach that if you are a TR Outfit on Soltech then we operate as one even when we may not be directly coordinating together. It's the TR's Outfit Commanders that look across the maps and feed off of each others tactical moves and successes. The "Ironhorse" mission statement is to provide the Terran Republic with a skilled Cavalry element that understands it's role in the greater scheme of things and to be an asset to the Republic's missions and needs. According to Armored Cavalry Regiment doctrine, the Scouts typically find the enemy, and the Lightings and mechanized infantry hold the enemy in place until the heavy forces were brought up to deal with the located enemy. This process is known as the battle hand-off. The cavalry piece of the Squadron finds them, and the armor can deal with them; at which point the cavalry is free to disengage and continue with other missions. Security missions could be rear guard, flank guard, or advance guard for other Terran Republic Outfits or defending key ‘routes’ that the enemy may use to try and gain tactical superiority with their armor and Sunderers. It's the mission of armor (tanks) to close with the enemy with firepower, maneuver, and use shock action to destroy them. The Armored Cavalry Regiment’s mission is to find the enemy and/or provide security for the Terran Republic, while having the means to destroy the enemy if becoming decisively engaged. Armored Cavalry Regiments can use hunter-killer teams. Scout vehicles and tanks can operate in concert, suited respectively as "hunters" and "killers". For instance the cavalry scouts of a team (often mounted on Flashes and in Lightings or Cavalry Fighting Vehicles) go in search of enemy positions and flush the enemies into a designated kill zone where the armored units can inflict more damage on the enemy than the "hunters" alone could hope to.

[edit] Recruitment

We are currently seeking mature, active, assertive, and above all team orientated people to join the 11th ACR Brotherhood. 17 and up is the standard , but if you truly got what it takes you can apply for a wavier and show us what you got. We take a quailty over quantity approach. As a recruit in the 11th ACR, you will participate in two days of BCT (Basic Combat Training)to orientate you and get you indoctrinated into the Outfit, AIT (Advanced Individual Training) for your specific MOS (Military Occupational Specialty)and Initial Entry Training Graducation. Again this isn't 'scream and holler', its simply a way of showing you how the Outfit operates and functions and ultimatley the major part that you play in it. If you have a mix of skill and leadership , and would find it intresting to be a Scout for an Armored Cavalry Regiment, a click in front of the main ACR force relaying crucial battlefiled data to HQ, or an Intell Officer digesting and breaking down enemey Troop movements or a Pilot engaging attack aircraft tryin to halt the TR advance or 'tank busting' and supporting Armor Columns while climbing the ranks by completing NCO Development Courses or OCS (Officer Candidate School) then Tactical Realism may be for you. Our motto is, we'll take 30 dedicated , active Cavalryman over 200 unorganized strangers. The epitome of Tacical Realism..."The Ironhorse".

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