14th Red Dragoons

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14th Red Dragoons
Leader Graegor
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Server Ceres
Tags/Abbreviations [14RD]
Website http://thetophatcollective.com/
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[edit] About us

Most, if not all, of our members are from a modest gaming community known as the Top Hat Collective, or THC for short, who play all sorts of games. We boast both casual and dedicated members in our ranks with varying levels of skill and experience. Neither of which matter as much as having fun. A good, friendly community is what we aim for. All are welcome in our ranks regardless of age, race or nationality.

THC is available for anyone looking for a community whether you play PS2 or not.

[edit] Structure & Info

"The 14th Mechanized - A.K.A. '14th Red Dragoons' - are a regiment of the Terran Republic military. The unit specialises in ground assault and defensive operations while utilizing vehicular transportation and armoured warfare. The 14th also uses light air support including, but not limited to, mosquito fighters, liberator gunships and, on occasion, galaxy transports. The 14th is a relatively undistinguished regiment within the Terran Republic, although they have been important elements in many major confrontations. The 14th is mostly deployed to combat the New Conglomerate but many battles against the Vanu Sovereignty have been recorded. They are mostly succesful on both fronts and are not taken lightly by the enemy or their comrades in arms."

The Red Dragoons are mostly infantry ground based but vehicles are commonly used when and where appropriate.

At present the outft works as follows in the battlefield, provided we have the numbers. A platoon lead by our commander is divded in to four squads (or sections).

Alpha Section (Infantry): ~12 men including multiple heavy assaults, a few medics and one or two engineers. Utilises sunderers.

Bravo Section (Armour): ~8 men, usually engineers, using mostly prowlers with lightning skyguards or other useful support options when available.

Charlie Section (Air): Dependant on surplus manpower ~8 men using a mix of liberators and mosquitos as in-and-out air support for the other sections when necessary.

The Red Dragoons use a semi-disciplined rank structure for easy organisation and command. Due to PS2's lack of more than 5 ranks the structure is as follows;

  • Command Staff
    • Captain
    • Lieutenant
    • Sergeant
  • Enlisted
    • Private
    • Conscript

The 14th uses TeamSpeak 3 for communication. This and a working mic. are highly reccomended.

[edit] Recruitment

At present we have no dedicated website for the 14th.

Members are drawn from a closed gaming community so public recruitment is suspended.

Feel free to add enrobrehs on steam to inquire about the Red Dragoons.

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