151st Freedom Fighters

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151st Freedom Fighters
Leader JTM151
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region Europe
Server Miller
Tags/Abbreviations 151st, [FFS]
Website www.151st.co.uk
Stats 151st Freedom Fighters Stats


[edit] About

The 151st Freedom Fighters [FFS] was founded by JTM151 in October 2012.

A community expanded primarily in PlanetSide 2, with currently over 300 members and continuing to grow.

151st started life with public platoons almost everyday. And while the Outfit now concentrates on Outfit only platoons in which we play a more dedicated tactical game, we maintain a sense of fun and community while still running public platoons, mostly for alerts.

With a website dedicated to the community, guides and tips to help players transition away from playing solo and into a more organised and team, the 151st helps to create the environment to achieve the highest quality and we encourage teamwork amongst our new recruits.

The community is one of the most important parts of the game. With a few PlanetSide 1 veterans and the more senior members having played since early beta the 151st provides a soldier the foundations they need. We also have a friendly environment aimed to help people to know each other, not just in a platoon or squad. Finding a good balance between having fun and keeping the squad an efficient and effective fighting force is important to us.

In-game VOIP is used occasionally but most of the fun occurs on the public Mumble server. Public platoons require in-game communications. When running an Outfit only platoon, Mumble is the weapon of choice. There is a system setup for separate channels, each allows a squad leader to communicate with their squads but also to other leaders.

  • Outfit Founder: JTM151
  • Diplomat: Towerful
  • Officers: Tanjitsu, RinceUK, Ron7, Tomi233, Aszrayel, Arrashan
  • All ranks here

[edit] Recruitment

The 151st are currently recruiting!

Visit 151st.co.uk to register and leave an application.

Things to know before applying:

  • A microphone, you need to have one to join.
  • Minimum age is 16. If you are 14+ and wish to join you can still make an application anyway but you will need to prove to us that you're a good team player and can act maturely. Specific details will be left on your application.
  • We do use mumble as our voice chat client.
  • We want active players and regularly clear out inactive members.
  • Be willing to learn, we don't mind if you suck at shooting as long as you're willing to become a better player, working with us as a team is much more important than shooting skill!

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