1st Terran Rangers

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1st Terran Rangers
Leader DerRosaBaron
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region North America
Server Mattherson
Tags/Abbreviations 1TR
Website http://1st-terran-rangers.enjin.com/

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Semper Fidelis, Semper Vigilandum, Semper Fortis. | Always Faithful, Ever Vigilant, Always Strong.

The 1st Terran Rangers (or [1TR], in tag form) is a North American-based outfit for PlanetSide 2 that specializes in air calvary tactics. The outfit is known for its coordination, discipline, and maneuverability, often out-pacing and countering enemy assaults on Terran Republic territories.


[edit] History

1TR was founded by Metzge, Heyliger, Colley, and DerRosaBaron on November 12th, 2012 during PlanetSide 2's beta period, and officially organized on November 21st, 2012, a day after the game's launch. This core group is referred to as the Black Daggers, an appointed collection of officers who take part in leading the outfit at the highest tier.

[edit] Expansion

Though small at first (roughly 6 guys to start), 1TR saw exponential growth in its first week, climbing from 10, to 25, to 55, to 85, up to its present (as of early December 2012) 150+ members. From the initial group of recruits, z0mby, Lanara, and Twenty1 were selected to be the first NCOs given responsibilities over their own squads.

As of December 14th 2012, the 1st Terran Rangers have over 250 members in game.

Soon after Metzge left the Rangers, the Rangers underwent an over haul of ranks, structure, and command system.

After over a year of operating, the 1TR has culled its roster of inactive members and now has a number of 30-40 active members.

The 1TR is currently an active member of Battle Group Mattherson (BGM) founded by Proverbs of VG. BGM usually operates on Friday evenings and excels at winning.

1TR is not looking to become a large outfit but rather is seeking to maintain a small hardcore group of tactical gamers that are able to work together and react quickly to an ever changing battlefield.

[edit] Rank & Structure

Ranks within the 1TR are for outfit organization regarding administration and organized game play.

Palace===Current Officers===

+++Command Officers+++

Outfit Commanding Officer (OCO): DerRosaBaron

Outfit Executive Officer (OXO): CaptainCox

+++Company Officer+++






+++Office Command+++

Outfit Clerk (OC): Chief Warrant Officer 2/Sergeant Echocharliebravo2496

Outfit Provost Marshal (OPM): Warrant Officer/Robslive

Outfit Training Officer (OTO): Warrant Officer/DerRosaBaron and CptConorado as flight instructor.

Outfit Media Officer (OMO): Warrant Officer/2nd Lieutenant R4B97

Outfit Recruitment Officer (ORO): Jennabop

Outfit Eternal Affairs Officers (EAO): CaptainCox and CharlieMason

[edit] Recruitment

1TR's preferred method of recruitment is conscription, a process that offers membership to anyone above the age of 16 who's willing to work within the outfit and drawn from unaffiliated players who find themselves swept up among 1TR platoons in-game. Later, these recruits are filtered through a series of tasks (such as signing up on 1TR websites, setting up a username on 1TR VOIP servers, etc.) and are promoted later to the rank of Ranger after they've proven themselves as capable fighters. Those who do not are left as Recruits who eventually weed themselves out, seeking a different outfit seeing no opportunity for advancement within their own timeframes.

[edit] Rank Overview

[Col] Colonel: Responsible for the Outfit as a whole. Has final say on Outfit issues and has the power to implement or decline any idea. Expected to lead the Outfit in engagements and maintain cohesion. His word is law (so to speak).

[Maj] Major: The 2nd in Command of the outfit, leads engagements, and helps facilitate outfit progress and set and example for the Commissioned Officers.

[Capt] Captain: Senior Outfit staff. Expected to help with any or all of the following: maintain the website, accept recruit applications (or decline them), lead the Outfit in engagements if the Commander and Lt. Commander are absent, and help solve Outfit issues.

[Sgt] Sergeant: Hardened veterans that have been with the Outfit for at least 4 months and know outfit tactics by heart. Have vast in-game knowledge and experience. Online almost everyday and partake in engagements frequently. Participates in forum discussion.

[Cpl] Corporal: Experienced members who have been with the outfit either for over 2 months or who take part in engagements frequently enough to be deserving of the title. Online almost everyday and participate i forum discussions.

[Pvt] Private: New members who have been with the Outfit for less than a month. This is a position that only indicates that the member is new and is expected to learn how the Outfit operates. Ranger status will only be granted when the member has been with the Outfit for over a month and has participated in an engagement. Finally, a minimum of 10 forum posts are required.

Special Ranks:

[Ambass] Ambassador Representatives from other outfits, they are given their own forums for inter-outfit stuff.

[WO] Warrant Officer Warrant Officers are basic non-site administrators in charge of specific tasks including but not limited to: Recruitment, Military Police, Intelligence, Battlefield Recorder, etc... Warrant Officers report to Asst. CWO for any problems they may have.

[Asst. CWO] Asst. Chief Warrant Officer Assistance Chief Warrant Officers are in charge of site administration and work directly with the Warrant Officers to solve any problems on the administration side of the outfit.

[CWO] Chief Warrant Officer The Chief Warrant Officer is the head of website administration and his job is to help and assist all the Warrant Officers in anyway possible and to divide the Warrant officers into a groups and jobs so to efficiently take care of the tasks at hand.

[Admin] Admin Admins are the ones responsible for keeping the site running.

[Res] Reservist Reserve members who are currently not active or who have posted a long term LOA on the website. Members will not lose their rank for being moved to the Reserve and once they are active again, they will be placed into their proper roster position.

[edit] Code of Conduct

As a member of the 1st Terran Rangers outfit, you agree to adhere to the following code of conduct. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, ranging from simple mediation to expulsion from the outfit with no guarantee of re-admittance.

1. The 1st Terran Rangers (referred to herein as "1TR") will not discriminate against any person due to race, religion, creed, sexual orientation and identity, nationality, or political stance.

a. All members of 1TR agree to respect one another and can "agree to disagree" when personal viewpoints on social, religious, or political (or any otherwise "hot issue") topics oppose one another. We believe in mutual respect for all people based on character, not where they're from, who they love, what they stand for, or the color of their skin. Intolerance is not tolerated.

2. There shall be no open discussions about hot topic issues on 1TR servers, forums, and other official 1TR media. If you truly wish to discuss these things, do so on your own time, through other channels in a respectful manner.

3. There shall be no friendly fire or intentional damage done to members of the Terran Republic. We are to conduct ourselves as a mature, professional outfit. In other words, if some angry 13 year old on our side shoots you because he's an angry 13 year old, don't stoop to his level.

4. Administrators (otherwise referred to as "Black Daggers") have the final say in policies regarding the outfit. From kicking or banning people on Ventrilo to denying an application, these people are the "top brass" of the outfit and are dedicated to its order.

a. To check and balance this group, NCOs within the unit will also have a say on policy and tactical changes, representing their squads and platoons on their behalf. We try to make sure everyone's opinion is heard, but we must make sure we remain on task and relevant, ensuring the order of the outfit in the process.

5. The age of membership shall be 16 years of age.

a. Those younger than this (such as a son, younger brother, or cousin) must be vouched for by an upstanding member of the outfit, however if they are not a good fit for the unit, their membership may be terminated with proper notice.

6. Members will respect the chain of command and utilize it to its fullest extent. As adults (or at least, mature human beings), we will handle complaints as best we can, respecting one another while critiquing mistakes.

a. If you have a problem with an officer, you gripe in private to your squad leader who will then take the complaint up the chain. If you prefer, you might also seek an audience with the officer in question in private, or with a mediator present.
b. If you have a problem with another squad mate, first discuss it with them in private and if the issue is not resolved, your squad leader (or any other NCO) will mediate the issue.
c. All disciplinary actions will be dealt with through Military Police (otherwise referred to as MPs), individuals who will act as moderators to ensure the Code of Conduct is upheld.

7. By applying for and later accepting membership, you agree to adhere to the 1TR Code of Conduct. There shall be a field on all applications asking if the Code of Conduct has been read and understood. By signifying yes, you enter an agreement with us that you will follow these guidelines. If you don't agree, don't consent.

[edit] Tactics & Training

While the 1st Terran Rangers are primarily "aerial infantry", they are a very versatile outfit. Main focuses of the outfit include securing flanks of the Terran Republic's front. They specialize in infantry and aerial maneuvers , whilst using guerrilla warfare and harassment techniques to deal with the Vanu Sovereignty and the New Conglomerate.

As the founding members of the 1st Terran Rangers are from the Darkest Hour community (a mod for the WWII game Red Orchestra), they use adapted German tactics for their engagements with enemy forces. These consist of fixing the enemy in one position with suppressing or harassing fire and flanking or pincering, successfully enveloping them. They are also fans of the "oblique order," a tactic that involves having a superior local force on one of its flanks that weakens the enemy line on side and effectively folding in on them.

With the introduction of the Harasser transport buggy, Rangers immediately saw the versatility of the buggy and how it would add to the tactics that the rangers use in combat. With its speed, maneuverability, and exceptional climbing power compared to the other ground units, the Harasser combines the Lightning's light armour and reasonable firepower and the Flash's speed and rumble seat to give it a multitude of uses, from mobile AA max support, to tank hunting, to reconnaissance, to hit and run, All with are hallmarks of the Ranger operations.

[edit] Why 1TR?

The 1st Terran Rangers realize there are other great outfits out there, so why join them?

[edit] Why YOU should Join 1TR

1. Tactical gameplay that is focused on a strict rank and communication system.

2. Scheduled engagements that allow members to join together at one time to free Auraxis

3. The undying brotherhood with your fellow rangers

[edit] Why Others have Joined 1TR

"Hi!, I'd like to join your outfit because in the game I've always seen [1TR] tags. Many times, I've seen a lot of you guys all at one so i decide to follow you guys and fight along your side. I've realized that you guys are very organized. I searched your tag on wiki and found you guys. I went on Outfit forums and found you guys. I've always wanted to join a well organized outfit. I've been in several outfits, but they were very poorly organized. I believe that this is the outfit for me!"

"Most outfits I'm in don't have a good goal, or good leaders. I think you guys have a solid foundation."

"You all seem organized and I like that, it would be refreshing to experience some sort of organized chaos over the crap I get from pugs on a daily basis."

"Was playing solo when I ran into a group from 1TR. Their uniformity and precision was a thing of beauty. I want to join an outfit where I feel like we can actually make a difference in the war."

"Good use of squads and the game was a lot smoother with clear objectives and squad roles. When I play, I like to be part of a cohesive unit, not just some infantry trying to make it work with the masses."

"I was highly impressed by the code of conduct - placing respect for other members among the founding principles of the organization is very heartening to see on an online game."

"New to the game and this outfit seems well organized. When ever I'm online, the 1st Terran Ranger's are dominating the continent there on."

"So far this outfit seems the most put together. I would like to play with an outfit that can have fun while still executing strategic battles, not just a 'grab what you can pull' zerg to the next waypoint."

"Honestly, I just saw you were recruiting and wanted to join. But now after running a few times with you guys, I see you are a disciplined group who gets things done. While also having fun and being social."

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