208th Strike Unit

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208th Strike Regiment
208th eagle.png
Leader DoctorOyster
Empire Terran Republic,
Region Europe
Server Woodman
Tags/Abbreviations 208th STR, 208th
Website Join Us
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[edit] 208th Strike Regiment

We are the 208th Strike Regiment, our goal is to provide security and safety for the entirety of Auraxis as part of the Terran Republic. The 208th has a history going back to the foundings of the Auraxian Republic, in the name of the late Tom Connery, who tragically died on the Discovery 7. 208th stands for safety, security, and the progression of humanity. We uphold the values built on centuries of transparent democracy. We have a dream of progress, a dream to one day get back in touch with our families on homeworld earth. But until then, we have to keep fighting. -208th Former Commanding Officer Timoarto, on the celebration of 200 years peace on auraxis.

Within the 208th we work together as a team, we are a military realism outfit that tries to replicate the feel and atmosphere that would live within the Terran Republic Military. This means primarily, that we operate on a chain of command, this means that battlefield troops follow orders from squad leaders, squad leaders follow orders from command, and commanders apply their units where they can be used best. End of story. Each member may only issue direct orders to the person directly below them(Commanders can issue an order to a squad leader but not to a battlefield trooper). Of course, after a battle and during our weekly meetings all members are invited to throw up ideas and voice their opinions. These meetings and debriefings are held to maintain a sense of democracy within the outfit, as far as the out of game organization goes. You can roughly divide time spent in our outfit into two sections:


This usually means meetings and get togethers. These are arrangements where people are allowed to voice their opinions. This happens in an organized manner. People get to voice their criticisms as well as debate with other members about aspects of the outfit without the fear of reprisals. This is useful because the 208th has always been a community driven outfit, where we listen to each other. Military Realism can be very heavy for some people, and having a moment to voice your opinions and questions is an ideal way to ventilate those feelings. This is also something that can be done on our forums, but make sure to follow our forum guidelines!

In-Character In-Game

When you undertake an operation with the outfit, members will follow orders from higher up. You might have problems with an order that's being given, or you might think that you have a better idea, regardless you should keep it to yourself. In game, you become a part of something larger than yourself, where the focus is not on how good your K/D is, but whether YOUR squad managed to achieve the objective or not. In our outfit we have a strong sense of teamwork and a belief in doing what is best for the outfit as a whole on behalf of the Terran Republic.

To sign up go the link below, we hope to see you soon soldier.


[edit] History

The 208th Strike Unit (208th STR) was founded in September 2012 by Timoarto. In the early weeks of the Planetside 2 Beta, the outfit has expanded quickly and gathered about 60 soldiers. Since then the outfit has been making it's mark on the Woodman server by leading several campaigns against both the VS and the NC. The leadership of the outfit has also changed, and it's now up to Commanding Officer Doctor Oyster to lead the 208th to new victories and eternal glory. The outfit has also joined forces with other TR outfits on the Woodman server, and is now actively recruiting new members.

[edit] Our Focus

The 208th Strike Unit is a military realism outfit, which means that there is a proper Chain of Command. As a military realism outfit the 208th aims to replicate a professional military organization, to create the feeling that you are a soldier fighting for a cause greater than yourself. This is more based around discipline and proper formations rather than role playing. It is about creating an efficient playstyle that if used properly suits everyone and is a sure shot of achieving a certain goal.

Not only do we have a lot of people with actual military experience and military realism experience (e.g. Project Reality), but we also have a lot of members who are new to this system. This mix of experiences has made us an outfit with multiple qualities. We have established a routine of regular trainings in order to maintain maximum efficiency and lethality during battle.

Recently our focus has changed to also include keeping our own members interested in the game. To do this we have launched several unique campaigns, filled with lots of missions containing many different objectives. Additionally we have also developed our own ribbon system, where we award our members by giving them ribbons as a way to acknownledge their accomplishments, and provide bragging rights. Ribbons can be awarded for staying true to our cause, completing training sessions, showing dedication to your squad and more. These ribbons are then made into ribbon-racks that we use in our PS2 forum signature, as well as in the signature on our on webpage.

In the 208th we also focus on specializing to maximize our potential, a good example are our different branches. The 208th is divided into four branches:

  • Command
  • Infantry
  • Air
  • Cavalry

All with their respective commanders, NCO's and squads.

Despite the mimic of the military, the major focus is teamwork, effectiveness in battle and a sense of affiliation.

[edit] Our Rules

  • Represent the 208th with pride
  • Respect your superiors and fellow soldiers
  • Follow orders without hesitation

[edit] Recruiting

Potential recruits are required to register on the 208th website and fill out their profile. This application will be checked by the officers before approval.

Recruits are expected to:

  • Read and agree to our statute
  • Complete registration, make a profile and introduce yourself!
  • Have Teamspeak 3 and connect to our TS server whilst playing Planetside
  • Squad up with your fellow soldiers and have fun!

After Recruitment you become a recruit. Recruits go through BCT (Basic Combat Training). After the BCT you are promoted to the rank of Private Recruit (PVR). After participating in 4 Operations, you will receive the rank of Private (PVT. In technical terms, PVR and PVT are the same, however the difference in their tags indicate their experience and combat potential. Once a PVT, you can specialize in any Branch (Except COMM which is for officers only). As a PVR you are obligated to follow the different branches in combat at least once. We urge you try and get to know each branch so that you can make an educated decision on which branch to join. Nothing is set in stone, and you may switch between branches (within reason of course), as long as you communicate this to the leaders of the different branches.

[edit] External Links

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