308th Parabellum

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Leader Dreadbringer
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Server Ceres
Website http://www.9mmpb.com
Stats 308th Parabellum Stats

308th Parabellum is a german Outfit, formed out of multiple smaller groups of players. It was built in Dec 2012 and got an official Website on Feb 1st 2013. At the time of this Entry it counts 85 members on Mallory. It's still looking for ambitious players to enlarge the community and the tactical possibilities. Officers: Firebullet, Gangstermarc2, Kunstkoma, [KOKA]Hellcat.

[edit] History

Since the 308th is a quite new Outfit it didn't get much attention yet, though its responsible for multiple capturings of Amerish and Esamir. Most of the time 308th Parabellum is operating on Indar as Tank-support or Infantry commandos. The latest developments are the official website and increased teamwork with with other Outifts like [WDUH], [GETR] and [IPT]

[edit] Philosophy

"We are trying to operate as an organized team which can often be the determining factor in the battle. We also want to give everybody the chance to actually do something for victory, not just being ant in the anthill."

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