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35th Skyhawks
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Leader Ghost
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Server Miller
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Website http://35thskyhawks.co.uk/
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[edit] About us

The founders of 35th Skyhawks, originally formed as Sabre Recon, are a group of ARMA 2 gamers. Having racked up years of milsim and FPS experience. We have both Veterans and new comers to the Planetside universe. Clocking up 15 years of experience and severing with some of the big names for both Vanu and NC. Now it's our turn to get our name in the history books as an effective and organised NC fighting force.

Most of us have been gaming together for some years, in various ARMA 2 units. We're easy going, close knit unit that just want to enjoy the game as much as possible.

[edit] Doctrine & Structure


35th Skyhawks Battalion: "An elite air mobile force trained to rapidly deploy to combat areas with precision and speed. Also utilizing Sunderers and other ground based vehicles"

We're an NC airborne infantry unit, inserting into where the combat is at it's fiercest or behind enemy lines when the situation calls for. Our light assault lead the drop at a high altitude, heading for key structures or securing a perimeter, while the rest of the squad is inserted lower to the ground to reinforce.

Currently we are split into two fighting elements working in tandem, deploying form the back of a Galaxy(s).

Light Assault (Alpha) - Alpha team, made up solely of Light Assault, insert at a high altitude from the Galaxy, deploying their jet packs before making contact with the ground. They then push straight for Spawn Control Units or Shield Gens, engaging the enemy only when no other route can be found or on the teams terms.

Ground Assault (Beta) - Beta team, forming the heavy hitters, medics and engineers of the unit, are then dropped into the facility at a safer height, moving towards capture points and providing aid to Alpha team if needed. Engineers proceed to the destroyed structures awaiting facility swap over.

In the future and with man power we plan to make use of dedicated pilots, forming an air support wing. Attached to the airborne team, we also plan on forming a specialised Recon team to spot targets before drops are made.

Rank Structure:

Our current rank scheme is based on the UK military and NC ranks.

The CO is the guy calling the shots and giving the orders. XO (2IC) plans and administers the orders, as well as taking charge when CO is absent. The Senior NCO ensures that the order is carried out and that discipline is maintained.

We also have Junior NCO's that may be tasked with leading small squads of service men.

We always have room to develop players and allow them to move up the tree. However this isn't without hard work, dedication and a willingness to listen, follow orders and accept when something may have gone wrong. They also need being able to think independently and contribute to Op's.

[edit] Goals

Our main goal is to bring a sense of organisation to the New Conglomerate, making a name for ourselves as an effective and reliable fighting force and have fun doing so!

That being said, we're an outfit that strives for realism. By this we mean we pride ourselves on discipline and forming/following a proper combat structure or doctrine on the battlefield.

We aim to get things done, with minimal down time and fuss between targets, hitting the enemy hard and fast, securing the facility and move on to the next.

No outfit survives without new recruits. We actively seek like-minded players who have and share the same drives and desires as we do. We look for a recruit who fits into the 35th and shows dedication and willingness to help the outfit flourish, while helping maintain a good image within the community.

[edit] Recruitment

We have an application process in place so we can get an idea of who you are and why you'd like to join.

Below is what we would like from possible members.

What we would like from you:

Over the age of 18.

Own a mic and have TS3 installed.

Able to follow orders.

Good sense of humour.

Ideally be EU based or able to attend OP's in that time zone (GMT/GMT +1)

We're aiming for a core of 25 active and like minded players, to form the core of our fighting force, filling 2 buses (Galaxies) able to capture and hold enemy facilities or redeploy to provide support to other areas of combat, on short notice.

Our main Op night is every Saturday night from 10pm GMT till late, but we aren't limited to just one group event a week. We encourage members to work together and actively form squads when online and jumping in-game.

If you're interested head over to http://35thskyhawks.co.uk/ and fill one of our applications out, in the recruitment section of the forums.

Want to know MORE?

Drop by our TS3 for a chat:

Or you can give me a shout on steam if you have any questions: shadoweye2099

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