3rd Mechanized Sector

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3rd Mechanized Sector
Leader Arcanorum
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Region EU
Server Ceres
Tags/Abbreviations M3CH
Website http://m3ch.enjin.com/home
Stats 3rd Mechanized Sector Stats

Greetings fellow Auraxians.

Welcome to 3rd Mechanized Sector, the Vanu Sovereignty's premier mechanized Outfit on Ceres.

The Outfit was formed to address the lack of a specialist armoured Outfit on our server and to assist with the integration of the many new recruits flocking to the VS's cause.

As such, we offer a focused mechanized approach to our operations, dominating our often far more numerous opponents though force of arms and supremacy of firepower.

We aim to provide a valuable training scheme consisting of tutorials, guides, mentoring and battle experience for all new players, to help them get to grips with the challenges they will face on Auraxis.

There are also progression opportunities for those who wish to further themselves and our cause. We are currently seeking experienced combatants for leadership roles.

Do you wish to join? Then join our website and we will send you an in-game invite to the Outfit, look for a 'M3CH - Open Squad' Squad while in-game, or reply to this thread on the Planetside 2 Forums:


- Sector Chief, Arcanorum.

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