3rd Republican Shock Guard

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The Republican Shock Guard was formed on 13th November 2912 as a means to amalgamate several dissipated units and regiments into one collective force. Considering itself a regiment of fierce disposition with high casualty rates for their aggressive action in the field, however blighted by recruiting problems. The entire force is situated on Cobalt and is awaiting reinforcements from Lithcorp.


Date: 13.11.2912

Internal Memo: Address to Chief of Staff Terran Republican Armed Forces High Marshal of Ground Forces - Infantry Regiment logistics

It has come to the attention that with recent casualties and current expansion by rebel forces, we face a predicament since the first campaign of the Esamir front in Operation 'Beta Rise' ended with what our analyzers have plainly stated to the joint chiefs as a stalemate ending with the near decimation of the Esamir Shock Regiment and the Indar 1st Standard Infantry. This has left our forces either with perceived demoralization, though our political officers are currently addressing the problem thoroughly. Casualty rating across the board are acceptable for public broadcasting with a few minor alterations and readjustments included of course; but it is felt that we may need to create further regiments to meet the steep decline in front-line forces. With expected recruitment numbers set to increase with the conscription policy in place in three months time, the Esamir Shock Regiment and the Indar Standard Infantry, will therefore be merged into the Republican Shock Guard. Note, all available Bureau of Information offices are now under sanction to produce material for the Guard and seeking the allocation of resources from our reserves. All powers with post haste must ready this force for immediate action. Leadership has been address with subject of;

Victor Marx Col. 1137960

Whose psych-evaluation found him fit for combat service after the Solar Hub Valley Incident (current listed as black file no. 37 ), he's commendation and public inquiry has been a positive circumstance. However political leanings has made him an issue of contention in previous circumstances, but we find his patriotic zeal favourable and Internal Services do not find him a security risk, his second in command,

"Norb" Maj. 2379004 Has passed psych-evaluation and has political leanings, and therefore deemed safe by I.S.S Another

Drawde Eccaret Lft Col. 3399000 Considered a turn-coat officer, whose parental leanings where of the Vanu cult, but extensive Psychological scrutiny has found him safe, but his actions will be an issue for Internal Services.

It is with immediate action that these orders are carried out and complied with fully.



(Red Level File no.770)

NOTE: 2412 on the badge is the date of a famous moment in a lost nation's history (Earth). When the palace guard of the Presidential office fought off an abortive coup by rebellious generals. This is considered as the ancestral vestige of the Republican Shock Guard.

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