501st Legion

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501st Outfit
Leader Traitonis - Lister - Cartmen
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region Europe
Server Woodman
Tags/Abbreviations The 501st outfit
Website www.501stoutfit.eu


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[edit] The 501st outfit

Welcome to the 501st

We are probably the largest organised outfit in planetside 2 on the EU Woodman server not like the big zergs . we pride ourselves in being a very well organised outfit looking to always recruit like minded auraxians. We are compiled mainly of veteran planetside 2 players but we also help new members becoming good and fast fighters.

The 501st has 3 leaders and a team of officers who are around and on hand every day of the week to make sure the outfit keeps active and we have active platoons every day and night. If you have any questions feel free to pm Any of the outfit leaders, who are Bergfin , SparkyTS and Lister.

Hopefully you will be among out ranks soon.

[edit] History

The 501st was created on the 15th of October, 2012. One of the best TR outfits.

[edit] Our Focus

As an outfit we take the game seriously when we do 'official' operations. During the weekdays it is mostly about having a good time.

We have different divisions to suit everyones playstyle, like hardcore infantry troops, a tank battalion, airborne troops, etc. Where most of the divisions are more laid back, we do have hardcore elements like the rangers.

We have a chain-of-command where our capable officers and NCOs lead our troopers to victory. Discipline, loyalty and teamwork are our keywords here.

  • Discipline is needed to keep our forces organised. A well-disciplined group will be one step closer to become the victor in battle.
  • Loyalty is faithfulness and devotion to the 501st. The greater the loyalty, the greater the persons motivation will be to accomplish the outfit's goals and see it through to the end.
  • Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vission and this ability is what shall lead us to accomplish objectives. Getting good players is easy, getting them to work as one is the hard part. We train and play together, so you know what your teammates are made of.

Despite the mimic of the military the major focus still lies on a friendly atmosphere!

[edit] Rules

  • Represent the 501st with pride
  • Respect your commanding officers and your fellow soldiers
  • Follow the orders of your superiors without discussions

If you do not abide by these rules you will receive a warning. After two warnings you will be kicked from patoon.

[edit] Recruiting

Potential recruits are required to register on the 501st website and fill out an application. This application will be checked by the officers before approval. Recruits are expected to:

  • read and agree to our rules
  • complete the registration and fill out the membership profile
  • have Teamspeak 3 and connect to the 501st server whilst playing
  • squad up with their fellow soldiers of the 501st

[edit] External Links

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