77th Lucky Aces

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I welcome you, prospective outfit member. I, as leader of the 77th Lucky Aces, Cuteski, will tell you this: We are fighters of a particular degree. We are bound by rules. We are joined through honour, and blood. We will do our best to rightfully take back what is ours, for the might of the Vanu Sovereignty! So, if you think you've got what it takes to be a Lucky Ace, keep reading.

Squads: The Lucky Dragoons - A six-man strike team of Light Assault, for breaking into enemy territory. (Recruiting)

The Lucky Ghosts - A four-man infiltration and scout team, to break the will of our enemies. (Recruiting)

The Lucky Breachers - A five-man strike force of Heavy Assault, for destroying enemy troops. (Recruting)

The Lucky Hearts - A six-man team of medical units, to assist as well as fight. (Recruiting)

The Lucky Gears - A four-man group of engineers, who are the staples for our air and vehicular manslaughter. (Recruiting)

The Lucky Titans - A five-man force of MAX units, designed to break through enemy vehicular support, as well as heavy units. (Recruiting)


1. Do not disrespect squad leaders.

2. Do not harm your fellow outfit members.

3. Do not abandon your outfit members in times of need.

4. Never, under any circumstances waste resources.

5. Always obey the commands of your squad leader.

Squad Leaders:

The Lucky Dragoons - Cuteski

The Lucky Ghosts - To Be Decided

The Lucky Breachers - To Be Decided

The Lucky Hearts - To Be Decided

The Lucky Gears - KatoXIII

The Lucky Titans - To Be Decided

If you think you can be a Lucky Ace, let us know. We'll be waiting.


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