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Leader ArmedCiv
Empire Vanu Sovereignty
Region Australia
Server Briggs
Tags/Abbreviations CIVZ
Stats ACIV Stats

The Outfit Vision: "To me it is all about working together, having fun and killing endlessly and has always been. CIVZ is not an outfit for the faint-hearted. While we aren't an "elitefit", we have a strong player base and don't take kindly to disrespecting the game. We want you to show us what you can do without expecting us to carry you. Unlike some other VS outfits, we want you to play the game strategically and effectively."

About the outfit: At some point or another we are seen doing everything that the game allows you to do and having fun doing it. For example... one minute you may be part of an Air Force Assault and the next thing you know you are in a tank column, or jumping out of a galaxy as part of a paratrooper drop, creating a no fly zone over an area, or doing some spec ops missions, among many other things that we do.

"I enjoy employing creative tactics and employing a multitude of play styles, so most members will be able to flourish their own play styles while enjoying the benefits of having an outfit around them whilst being flexible to perform what is asked of them. Outfit Members outside of the squad/platoon can lone-wolf but if they don't contribute to the outfit on a regular basis they will be removed, especially if they never support the outfit activities. As a young outfit we have much to learn and develop, and this is a second chance for the Vanu Faction players to come together under one effective outfit. I want players who are positive, work well together, humble and willing to develop and grow with me." --ArmedCiv

Outfit Structure: The outfit structure is simple. ArmedCiv ultimately has the main command in a platoon, but the Officers lead the squads. The Officers are people who are interested in leading squads and platoons and helping developing the culture of CIVZ.

Outfit Ranks:

ArmedCiv - Leader of outfit

Officers - Squad players that lead squads and platoons and know how to work together to achieve results.

Elite CIVZ - Elite members show their support for the outfit by playing in our squads on a regular basis. They've proven their worth, and are strong players that follow orders.

Trooper CIVZ - These guys are good players that have shown themselves worthy of becoming members of the outfit.

Trial Members - This category is for people that have been given a chance to join the outfit, however it is still to be determined if they will be accepted and promoted to Trooper.


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Join us on Teamspeak and organize for a trial run with the outfit,or join one of our public platoons!


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