Archangel Commandos

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Archangel Commandos
Leader ElectroEsper
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Server Classified
Website N/A
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"They may have watches, but we have time"

The Archangel Commandos is a new squad size outfit. They have never seen combat in Planetside, but they are still prepared for the second one. We intend to act like a mercenary unit when in combat, wich mean, we will accept missions, as long as they are behind ennemy lines, our favorite playground.

We actively play multiple games and use tactical way of playing them. We play mainly on Battlefield 2,Project Reality, World of Tanks and APB : Reloaded.

Our speciality is guerilla warfare, wich is the disruption of the ennemy military forces from behind the line. We mainly move around with ATVs before dismounting and procede on foot.


[edit] Organisation

We mainly use a squad structure compose of a support team and an assault team each with dedicated experts.

Alpha Team, is lead by me, and is the main assault team with four members.

Beta Team, is lead by the Sergeant-Major , our Vanguard operator and assist by our sniper expert.

[edit] History

We start out as a group of friends who were going to school together and grouping for gaming sessions. Then, we decide to give our group a name. At first we were The Wolfpack for our great use of ambush, defenses storming and teamwork, but as we switch our play style a bit more on the guerilla warfare, we refined our tactics who then become fast and extremly brutal, especially in Battlefield 2. Our name finally change to Archangel Commandos.

Our specialisations are guerilla warfare, wich is the disruption of ennemy forces, and mobile defense.

[edit] CODEX

-Show respect to your ennemy as he fight for is empire's pride

-Respect your brothers in arms

-Never give up

-No man left behind

-It is all commandos duty to notice is supperior if it deems appropriate, that he is making a mistake

-Semper Fidelis

[edit] Rank

Even if we use a rank structure, everyone got is word in the decision making.

Sergeant Commissar : Leader of the squad, directly commanding Team Alpha.

Sergeant Major : Assistant leader, directly commanding Team Beta.

Corporal : A combattant who've showed a high level of expertise in his/her domain.

Commando : Base rank of the members.

[edit] Playing environment

Even though we use a military style gameplay, as long as the orders are carried out we still talk and chat in a friendly way. Only when we encounter contacts, do we switch in "serious" mode, then after we switch back.

Some people of the outfit lacks discipline in some circonstances but we and they, still delievers exemple and flawless performance as an organized squad.

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