Army of One

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Army of One
Leader NinjaBlaze
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Server Mattherson
Tags/Abbreviations [Ao1x]
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[edit] Formation

Army of One [Ao1x] was a New Conglomerate clan/guild on the Emerald US server (pre-merger).

Founded 7/6/2003, created and led by NinjaBlaze, Ao1 specialised in highly coordinated tactical/surgical strikes against opponent factions/assets.

[edit] Combat Doctrine

Specializing in mobility and adapting to the needs of the Conglomerate. Army of One could meet the needs of the faction as required. Ao1 would most often operate behind enemy lines, paving the way for the main faction attack force. Preparing enemy bases for assault by hacking it's systems and destroying their generators to restrict functionality to the enemy.

  • Galaxy troop drops
  • Armour columns, spearheading land assaults
  • Black Ops
  • Rapid Response
  • Air Interdiction
  • Air Superiority

The Galaxy Drop was a common tactic of employing the Galaxy troop transport plane to deliver infantry where needed. While the Galaxy was in flight, support units would often position their equipment, such as the mobile spawn vehicles.

Armour Columns, such as Vanguards, lighting tanks and BFR's, would spearhead the attack on a continent.

Black Ops actions had to be carried out to aid and ensure the success of New Conglomerate assault actions. Cutting off high technology vehicles, implants, spawning capabilities, were very much run of the mill tasks performed.

Rapid Response to enemy actions on New Conglomerate bases was an essential task to ensure the NC held on to territory.

Air Interdiction has been a newcomer to Ao1's tactics. With air playing such a large part of PS2, squads have been setup to tackle the task of nullifying enemy air for the zerg. Choosing an area with good vantage points and cover, AA maxes and dedicated Engineers can stop an air push before it begins.

Air Superiority involved rolling out in large, platoon sized airborne formations to ensure that New Conglomerate had control of the skies and denying it to the enemy in the process.

[edit] Past Leaders

As absorbing a game as Planetside was, real life had a way of demanding attention and as such Army of One underwent leadership changes, as fitting with the Outfit policies, leadership demanded a lot of time.

  • NinjaBlaze
  • Knightmare
  • LordKron
  • Kanya
  • Phaden

note: Planetside 2 recruitment is open and the outfit will likely be led by a returning Ninjablaze.

[edit] Recruitment & Membership

Army of One was modelled on real life military procedures, obviously scaled way back considering it was a game. Even so, their recruitment and membership policies were somewhat infamous.

Regardless of a players' skill, if they could not follow instructions they were removed from the outfit. This was both a strength and weakness as it reduced the number of viable recruits, but left a core of highly motivated and organised members.

Although the server was based in North America, and the core of the outfit was predominantly from that region, Ao1 membership was open to anyone. With players from the UK and Ireland, Germany etc, this allowed Ao1 to field units across all time zones.

[edit] Reputation

Regarded as a small "leetfit", one of a handful on the NC faction.

Army of One consistently remained in the Top 10 NC outfit list throughout it's long history. A respectable achievement considering it was a fraction of the size of most outfits.

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