Azure Twilight

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Azure Twilight
Azure Twilight Logo large.jpg
Leader DargoTrox
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Server Mattherson
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Azure Twilight is a Vanu Sovereignty outfit on the Mattherson server. We operate in the East Coast time zone. Currently, we have Prime Time Operations (Ops) every night between 7pm-12am. Our ops generally consist of between 40-100 members fighting on the ground, in the air and in armor as well as other various specialized squads. We have a tactical Teamspeak environment, meaning we only relay tactically relevant information during ops. Outside of these tactical channels we are quite a bit more relaxed. Azure Twilight does not have a minimum age/battle rank to join, or any certification prerequisites; however, we do have one or two certification requirements that we ask you obtain during the first week with us. These requirements are small, and generally consists of less than 100 cert points. While we are an infantry centric outfit, we also have a talented Air Calvary, Armor squad, Recon/Infiltrator team, as well as other specialized squads. While these groups do not run 24/7 like the main platoon does, they are up often and anyone is welcome to join.. If you are interested in joining, it is suggested that you watch the video below, and click on the link to the right to visit our website for more information.

[edit] History

The Azure Twilight outfit has been consistently active in Planetside from Day 1 (May 23, 2003) right through the launch of Planetside 2. The Azure Twilight -- commonly referred to as AT -- has always been one of the largest and most active outfits in the game. It began life on the Emerald server in Planetside 1, and we have now moved to the Mattherson server in Planetside 2. Halby originally created AT, leaving after two months and promoting Francko to Azure Warlord, where he has been ever since.

[edit] Philosophy

AT focuses on creating a friendly home for all Planetside players, from the brand new player thirsting to learn, to the veteran player who appreciates the command structure and tactical game-play they offer. The #1 rule in AT -- Respect all players -- is strictly enforced at all levels. The outfit focuses on "tactical game-play" with a time-proven set of tactics, a strong code of ethics and a solid command structure. In AT it's all about fun, teamwork and camaraderie.

[edit] The AT Playstyle

The Azure Twilight is known for large-scale Ops -- from 60-person max crashes to 5-gal drops -- and a wide range of special events from gal gunships to reaver raids to some of the craziest things ever seen, like 50 ANTs converging on a courtyard. If you look around and say to yourself "wtf is that", it's probably AT!

[edit] Command Structure

AT is run by a team of long-serving officers, who alongside Dargo, are very involved in the Planetside community and seek to build bridges with other outfits, including VS, NC and TR.

The Azure Twilight offers a formal Officer-in-Training program that provides structure and feedback for those interested in leadership. Every single Azure Officer has successfully completed this process.

[edit] Organization

Each night the Azure Twilight runs its unique style of organized Ops with one Ops leader who calls the shots. In addition to the officers, many members of AT step up and lead the team. It's a unique opportunity to try your hand at leading a group of people who will actually do exactly as you say.

Azure Twilight runs weekly training sessions that cover SOPs.

[edit] Getting Involved

While everyone is welcome to join the Azure Twilight, only those who are willing to work as a tight, cohesive team will make the grade and remain. To join AT, all one needs to do is join a listed AT squad in-game and ask, send a /tell to an officer, or post on the forums at Infractions against the Azure Twilight rules are dealt with swiftly, fairly and transparently.

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