Battle Marines of Chaos

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Battle Marines of Chaos
Leader OsteKake
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region Europe
Server Classified
Tags/Abbreviations BMC
Website TBA
Stats Battle Marines of Chaos Stats

Battle Marines of Chaos is an outfit in the Terran Republic, formed in 2003. We try to achieve good coordination with other outfits and non-outfit players. Their squads are usually open to all that want to join the action.


[edit] History

[edit] Cooperation

BMC tries to actively get the TR outfits to work together. This is done through the use of a teamspeak server that is open to other outfits to use, coordination is achieved through channel admin rights.

[edit] Rules

  • Join TS
  • Join outfit squads if possible
  • Read MOTD for cert preferences
  • Do not stream outfit operations without asking for permission
  • Keep chatter to sensible levels during operations

[edit] Recruitment

Interested in joining? Join one of our squads and come play with us.

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