Black Arrows

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Black Arrows
PS2 BA NewLogo.png
Leader Ltiy
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region US East
Server Mattherson
Tags/Abbreviations BAX
Stats Black Arrows Stats

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[edit] Recruitment Requirements

We choose quality over quantity. We set high recruitment standards. Apply if you meet these requirements:

– BR 60 MINIMUM (soft requirement)

– Ability to Adapt

– Situation Awareness

– Teamwork/Coordination Oriented

– Effective Communication Skills

– TeamSpeak 3 and a good microphone

[edit] Mission Statement

We are composed of intelligent and skilled players who know their classes, rely on each other, and use every resource and piece of intel available to them to maintain the highest level of situation awareness. We are NOT a zerg outfit, nor will we EVER be. Our skill as a whole is already capable of turning away enemy forces who either match us in individual player-skill, or have us vastly outgunned and outmanned. We believe there is more to this game than throwing endless numbers of idiots at an objective, and we operate under that belief regularly.

We hammer objectives with sheer player-skill. Our outfit operates as a very effective QRF (quick-response force). We train to keep loading times for Galaxies and Sunderers under 25 seconds, an ability we effectively utilize when responding to invading forces. We drop on targets as a single unit. Our members watch each other's backs, and nobody strays from the pack unless they are ordered to do so. We roll into objectives with superior player-skill, situation awareness, and tactics to control the flow of a fight. We set ourselves up in strategically valuable positions and force the enemy to respond to us. We respect (most of) our enemies, and we never underestimate what they are capable of. We fight on our terms in almost any engagement, and the objective is ALWAYS more important than kills. If we cannot achieve our objective, we do not retreat. We go down in a blaze of glory, doing as much damage as possible on the way out.

[edit] History

Black Arrows was originally founded by Kijo and Ltiy on July 20th, 2009 under the name "1st Special Recon Battalion" (SRB). The outfit played on Emerald. The goal was to create an elite and compact special operations outfit with the sole intention of assisting any New Conglomerate main-push into enemy territories. The idea was to create a loyal group of fighters with a focus on teamwork and a friendly gaming environment. As time progressed, the goal of the outfit shifted into a small quick response force (QRF).

As Planetside 2 neared open beta, Ltiy (current leader) brought many of the old members back to reform SRB. He decided to rebrand the outfit for the new game. During beta, a great amount of planning and creativity went into establishing a new goal for the outfit. The plan was to create a powerful and sizeable NC outfit with a strong and experienced leadership core. The outfit would be divided into three divisions: infantry, mechanized, and aerospace. With a new game, play-style, and goal, the decision was made to rename the outfit. "1st Special Recon Battalion" became "Black Arrows" (BAX).

Black Arrows chose Mattherson for a home when Planetside 2 went live on November 20th, 2012. The outfit gained a great amount of attention and activity due to effective recruitment strategies. The original recruitment goal of around 50-60 players was shattered, peaking at 80+ by mid-December 2012. Many of the premier Planetside 1 outfits (friendly and enemy) also declared Mattherson as their home, however, making the need for cooperation between outfits necessary. Building off the successful beta relationship with Clan Magnus Legio (CML), Black Arrows was recruited into the New Conglomerate Coalition (NCC).

Black Arrows hit a low point during the 2012 holiday season. Recruitment was down, the division layout was failing, and the member base was dwindling. The many flaws of the initial game release were quite evident, and many members were either switching over to larger outfits or burning out entirely. The increasing stress of a failing outfit was putting strain on the officer core, even threatening friendships at one point. The turmoil would continue for a few weeks until the officers decided to lose the division set-up in favor of a more familiar approach. Black arrows would return to its roots, becoming a deadly quick response force once again. The officers and remaining members were all in agreement with this direction, and the outfit began to grow.

The following months proved quite successful for the outfit. Recruitment was a slow and steady process that brought in quality over quantity. The outfit was progressing smoothly until the month of June, when unrest within the officer core developed. Some of the officers felt that their role was rather superfluous in nature, and others were not comfortable with the current size and future direction of the outfit. An unfortunate chain of events was set in motion around that time, resulting in the loss of some valued friends and a loss in overall member activity. This decline would continue until late August, when Ltiy removed the democratic officer core in favor of an authoritarian role. In place of that structure, he left leadership roles directly related to in-game responsibilities. With the internal conflicts seemingly at an end, the Black Arrows started their climb to victory once again.

[edit] Charter

I. Outfit First: Teamwork and loyalty to each other are the very essence of this outfit. BAX has been mostly successful since its creation because of a strong focus on teamwork and cooperation. We only want players who are more interested in strengthening the group than strengthening their own personal player statistics.

II. We recruit the player, not the character: Black Arrows is a New Conglomerate dedicated outfit. If you are a product of our cross-faction recruitment policy, we are giving you an extended (4 week) trial period to decide if our community is the best fit for you. Should you decide to play with us, we expect you to main with us. We take pride in our outfit, and we work diligently to ensure that we have an active member-base at all times.

III. Participation: If you're logged in during operation times, you are expected to join the current squad/platoon and participate. You are also expected to join the Teamspeak 3 server. The tactical nature of our outfit demands cooperation and participation. Those who are not participating will be warned. Those who are consistently not participating risk dismissal from the outfit entirely. There are no exceptions to this rule. Squad-play is highly encouraged outside of operation times.

IV. Respect outfit privacy and do not relay intel: Members of Black Arrows respect and value one another and the overall success of the outfit. Those who choose to aid our enemies by relaying any intel regarding our locations, movements, objectives, or any other vital piece of information will find their transgressions swiftly evaluated and judiciously addressed.

V. Activity level: Maintaining a 'clean' in-game roster is important for administration. Therefore, an extended and unexplained absence will result in removal. Action will be taken when it seems likely that a member does not intend to return. Cases are evaluated individually, since details in each case can vary. Save us the trouble by taking leave on the forums.

VI. Leadership: Leaders are chosen based upon both ability and necessity. Combat leaders work to create and maintain a positive and enjoyable playing atmosphere. While the reasoning behind a decision may not always be apparent in the course of an operation, all orders ought to be immediately followed. Furthermore, if you wish to speak up about a decision or fellow member, take the initiative to talk to the Captain or a Lieutenant where your issue can be appropriately addressed, and please do so in a private capacity. Members are expected to respect and listen to combat leaders as much as they would the outfit leader.

VII. Professionalism: As a member of Black Arrows, you are a representative of the outfit. People do notice the outfit tag next to your name and will form opinions of BAX based upon your actions. Thus, we expect everyone to act as an adult. Respect your outfit mates, respect your empire, and respect your opponents. Those who wish to troll, whine, humiliate, berate, grief, or team kill shall not be suffered.

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