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Leader Pyronin
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Server Classified
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[edit] Introduction

Blacklisted has motivated and inspired its members through friendly competition and teamwork for years. Being a member of our community is both challenging and rewarding. The ability to critically think, problem solve, and communicate effectively is expected. We require that all members exhibit our core values of respect, integrity, and perseverance.

Our community understands the significance of server pride. Our willingness to coordinate with other guilds allows for new opportunities to present themselves. Opportunities that will increase player morale and the success of goals set forth.

Our main focus for Planetside 2 will be to provide air support for the infantry and armor on the ground including our own surgical strike teams. Our goal is to quietly enter enemy territory and be as loud as possible once we get there.

[edit] Division System

Our community supports a rigorous application process, and rightfully so. Through years of experience we know exactly what type of player is right for our community, and we wanted our application process to reflect those high standards. This "screening process" has worked magnificently, but there was one problem we were unable to avoid.

When a qualified applicant is accepted into our community, they commonly request that their friends or family members be allowed to join as well. While many serious guilds would simply turn them away, we felt that doing so was against our core values. This lead us to the following two questions: 1. How do we solve the tug-of-war issue with play style differences? 2. How do we prevent being labeled as a "zerg" with a few good players?

Our leaders instituted a division system as a solution for these problems. Competitive players, who have proven themselves, may earn the rank of Division 1. Casual friends and family will represent the community as Division 2 members. Each division follows a separate structure, but everyone is able to contribute to the overall vision of the community.

[edit] Application Process

1. Submit a complete application on our website.

2. You will be contacted once your application has been reviewed.

3. Approved applicants will be invited for an interview on TeamSpeak.

4. Those accepted are placed on a recruit status for further evaluation.

5. Recruits who pass their trial-period will be promoted to rank of member.

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