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Leader Lauranis
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Server Woodman
Tags/Abbreviations BSUK
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[edit] History

[edit] Origins of the community

Blacksun UK started off originally as a small group of regular players on Xbox Live who became friends. As time went on the group moved over to using PC's and talking to each other on Skype. Slowly but surely friends were introduced to the group, and before anyone knew it there were 10 people in a single call! It was then decided that the group needed to expand to start to accommodate any new members. At first it was difficult moving over to using Teamspeak; there was no shortage of teething problems, but one by one people migrated to our new home.

With the announcement of games such as Planetside 2 and MechWarrior Online; games that would surely need great ambition to succeed in, an equally great vision was born. Blacksun UK was to expand, creating not just a clan, but a community big enough to make game changing events happen. In no time at all the community doubled and tripled in size, carving a path in the games we played.

Today Blacksun UK has over 80 individual members across the globe; from the UK and Europe, to the US, Canada and Australia. We strive to grow and strengthen our community, our family, and leave our mark on the games we play.

[edit] As a Planetside 2 Outfit

Early in the community existence, Lauranis made it clear that he intended to partake in the beta process for Planetside 2, as did many of the existing community members. Even prior to the beta we were leaning towards the Terran Republic, largely due to their gritty militaristic look and feel. We try out the other factions during the beta, but felt they didn't suit our collective play style, and in particular we found the Vanu to be too derpy. So in the end we settled with our original choice, the TR. Though there actions during and beyond the beta, Blacksun have recruited more people into our gaming community through Planetside than any other game we play.

While only a few of our overall membership in our Planetside 2 outfit were veterans from the original Planetside, we accepted (and still do) people both old and new to the game. And sought to grow through the beta process both as players, and as a team, but most of all as friends.

One of the highlights of the beta for us, was the night some NC players said in public chat "Oh no, not these guys again". Just knowing that they recognised us was a great feeling. From that point forwards we've striven to never let them forget who were are.

[edit] Play-style

Rather than have dedicated ground, air, and armoured divisions, we prefer to have a flexible approach that allows us to adapt to whatever the situation we're facing is.

[edit] Command Structure

While Lauranis, is the outfit commander (and therefore often Squad and Platoon commander as well), he supported in commanding squads by several long-term members of the community.

Squad Leaders

Communications are primarily conducted via our teamspeak server, though we encourage people to use in game comms, as this is useful for "open operations". So listening to both in-game and external comms is important to us.

[edit] Recruitment

Despite our name, we're not a UK exclusive outfit. Though the core of our members are UK based, we have increasing membership from across Europe, with multiple members from; Germany, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Finland. We even have members as far away as America, Canada, Australia.

Though people can apply "blind" through our website, our preferred method of recruitment is to invite people to join our squads during "open operations", so we have some idea who of new applicants are, and you get a feel for how we play, Either way; recruits are then invited to join our teamspeak on a week's probation. Assuming no problems arise during that period, the new recruit is given the full password to our teamspeak.

We will take any loyal TR soldier who plays on the Woodman server. There are only requirements to join us are;

  • a working microphone
  • Teamspeak 3 installed
  • an ability to speak English (we're not not asking for fluency, just an ability to understand orders given and general comms)

However, given that we are a mature gaming community, we prefer our applicants to be 18+. People between 16-18 years old will be judged on a case-by-case basis (though applications from people in this age range who we haven't already meet in-game are likely to be rejected). No applications from under 16's will be accepted at all.

[edit] Blacksun UK online

Website: Blacksun UK - Official Website
Find us on: Facebook
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Play with us on: Steam

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