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The Blue Berets are the oldest still active New Conglomerate outfit on the Cobalt server, founded almost at the game's official launch. While we have always been small in number, our experience, teamwork and sheer bloody-mindedness have turned us into a dangerous special operations outfit, with some incredibly skilled players and plenty of brilliant officers.

The Blue Berets command structure is rather democratic and willing to listen to suggestions.

Some of our core group of players are active every day, generally including at least one officer capable of recruiting new members.

We generally participate in any grand multi-outfit operations which we are made aware of.

We generally focus on capturing or defending bases rather than farming kills.

We do not shy away from hard fights and usually do not fall back when the tiniest sliver of hope still exists. Fighting enemies with mere superior numbers, we are often the first in and the last out.

While our outfit itself is fairly small, we have networked with the various other NC outfits over the months and participate in most organized cross-outfit events.

We do emphasize that this is indeed a game, and we do put a lot of stress on the word 'fun'. While we can be knuckle down and get serious, the Blue Berets are generally fairly laid back. When a fight is easy we prefer to make it more awesome by doing the difficult thing rather than the easy one, with a fair amount of fondness for melee combat. Ultimately, we play to have a laugh.

== Basic Rules ==

  • We require you to be active on Teamspeak with us.
  • You have to read our forums at least once per week.
  • We may swear, okay?
  • We focus on your personality rather than your skill with a weapon.
  • Beer is encouraged but not mandatory. Other alcoholic drinks are permissible as well.
  • We are a mature outfit, deal with it.

Do this look interesting? Send in an application today at our website! [1]

We are also open to contacts from any potential allies.

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